Blue Princess

Hello All, I like Blue color and tired seeing Pink everywhere. So I made a blue dress for a cute princess. 2015-05-24 16.50.34 I wanted to do a crochet yoke dress for a while after seeing the dress made by Deepa in Ravelry. There was quite a thought on which yarn to do.Deepa’s yoke was with Alize Bella yarn. I have quite a stash to finish before I can buy. So postponed the idea of making it right away. But later when the Ayushyahomam(First B’day) of the little girl was announced, I tried to make the best out of the stash I had. So I made it with Anchor Knitting cotton. I was worried in the beginning that it might become very heavy. My friend’s sister made Angel Wings Pinafore with knitting cotton and told me it was quite heavy. 2015-05-19 11.06.10 After finishing, it is not as heavy as much I worried. I made the yoke and skirt pattern following this Pattern Anyone who wants to make this kind of yoke, I suggest this pattern and not the shells. In this pattern there is only one stitch on each stitch , so it does make the yoke heavy. 2015-05-24 16.52.19 In the back, I added separate strips for Button band and Button hole bands to make it look neat. Surprisingly, I finished the yoke in 2-3 days and hunted Chickpet for tulle or lacy blue fabric so that it will look like party wear. I did not find suitable material. The materials were very grand and it did not compliment the look of crochet yoke. So I resorted to my usual shop “Kishan Fashions” in Tippasandra and got this printed cotton material.I felt this print and crochet yoke go very well. I’m making a similar dress for Harshini in knit. Hoping I can show that also soon. Cheers, Sangheetha.