Toy Hammock

Hi All,

In any household with kids, the space occupied by the toys is more than the space occupied by any living creature of the house.
So Here I’m with a Kids room storage idea. For sometime, I wanted a hanging storage space to shove away the toys after use. We already have cardboard boxes stand but that stands on ground swallowing floor space.
But I found something that is off the ground and moreover easy to toss the toys.
Here is what I’m referring to

Initially I stitched the hammock using a lacy material. My mistake, the material was lacy but not strechable and so it became useless in few days.
Now I decided to try using crochet and here it .. fully loaded with soft toys.

It is easy to organize, easy to search and all the more, the kid can play aim and throw 🙂

It can be made for sale. So if you are interested, pls let me know.



Circle Skirt Frock :)

Hi All,


Circle skirts are my favorites to stitch and my daughter’s favourite to wear.
For me, the drafting and cutting are simple.
For her, the waves generated in twirling and spinning gives her happiness.


I had cut this circle skirt for my niece but then postponed to stitch and soon she outgrew the size.
I was hoarding it as I loved the print and did not know to re-purpose.
So after quite some time, I used the same circle pattern as frock skirt.
The yoke material is from Nalli Silks from Marthahalli.
The shop has good collection of cotton materials if someone is interested.

The yoke I drafted from an earlier frock.

Anyone is interested for such frocks.
I can make for commission.



Pompoms and Pretty things- Nursery mobile

Hello All,

I made this felt hanging few weeks back and wanted to post immedietely and so after few weeks, I was under the assumption I had blogged this. After scrolling up and down and clicking next, I realised I did not 😦


So here is the better-late-than-never post about this felt hanging/mobile made for a new born in family.I made this greatly inspired by Crib mobile of Josie. I just added pompoms because it was there in stash and I liked them and I did not do enough number of felt circles 😀


So I made circles in 3 sizes and glued( only hot glue works, fevicol did not work for me) them in concentric circles and then glued 2 pieces back to back.


Hope the kid enjoys seeing those vibrant colors.




Some doilies

Hello All,
Not much to brag about and here are two doilies that I made during the silence period.

First one is Double Pineapple Doily which I made after getting impressed from this one.

I made it with the cotton thread I bought on Raja Market and it took 2 full hanks. I was left with not even a handful of yarn.
Throughout the last few rows, I was nailbiting and hair scratching whether I will have enough to finish or should I buy one more hank just for the last round. Finally God saved my nails as well as the doily.

The second one is Victorian Rose doily which I have already attempted here.

I actually started with Fractal doily with the group in Facebook. For some reason, my doily was very big(yes, I did with Anchor knitting cotton) and came out of shape. The colors did not work. So decided to rip it out and try in single color. Till that time, I wanted to do something and so did the already perfected ( Oops read attempted) Victorian Rose doily and really liked it a lot.
I have stuck it on the wall and it is very heavy( obviously as it is almost 3 100 gm balls of Anchor knitting cotton). I tried with double sided tape which was not strong enough, so I have used these https://www.amazon.com/Command-Picture-Hanging-12-Pack-8-Medium/dp/B000OF6X48 for extra support.
I got these from my sister in Australia, but I’m sure it must be available in Staples.



Circular Organizer in rectangle shape

Hello All,

Circular Organizer in rectangle shape. Should I put this as a disclaimer instead of keeping it as Title of the post?
Comments welcome.


Ok, Came back to my blog to post this Organizer I made with embroidery pieces.



These Embroidery were made years back..( which will be few to count.. say 3,4) and was sewn to a simple organizer. But now I wanted a sturdy and a bigger one for keeping my daughter’s school circulars. ( Hey.. puzzle revealed).
So I gave a backing cloth and did some binding with contrast fabric. These are some leftovers from my skirt.
Does it look better now than before?

Please do share what immediately comes to your mind.
If you say, you would wish to do a similar one, I’ll be happy.
If you ask me to do something like this for commission, I’ll be more happy.
If you say the stitches are staggered and give me tips to improve, I’ll be really happy.

P.S: The circular is almost a proper rectangle. Yes,it has slightly tapered corners, in the photo it is enhanced.
See here. It is my signature 🙂



My Own Kindle Cover

Hello All,

I was a proud owner of a Kindle few months ago. And last week I again became a proud owner of the necessary Kindle Cover 🙂

The pros and cons of Kindle will be added to the post on majority request.
Else I directly move the kindle cover.


The material is Brushed Denim, it is from my husbands jeans :-). yes it is a recycled product.


The inner side is padded and quilted with polyester batting (again re-used from my daughter’s bed).
The outer side has stiffener and fabric.


These are the Quilting lines!!!

Yes, there are many imperfections especially all the corners, but it was so difficult to stitch through many layers and corners were the most difficult one.


The corner pockets hold the kindle safe and fits tightly.

The Cozy snug fit Kindle cover

My favorite bit is the magnetic clasp for fastening. I love how it came out.But I worry now it should not get detached from the cover.
I remember sewing it properly but still!!!


P.S : In my last post, I said about a cushion cover, well for now it is only Kindle Cover. Hope the next post will be cushion cover.


From Start to Finish

Hello All,

Remember this post, I made a yoke with the Silk thread. The yarn was costliest in my stash and I had little bit more after completing the yoke. I decided to make some laces and attach to my kurta.
So I did the lace following this pattern.


After making the lace, I wanted to make piping to match the lace color.
I was sure that my base fabric will be some dark color but I wanted piping. So I got silk fabric in purple color.( I love the touch and feel of the fabric but it was nightmare making piping out of it.
I went in search of matching fabric and got black brocade kind of material for the kurta.
That is when I shared this teaser pic.

2015-03-30 19.23.58

Later I followed this video tutorial and made a princess seam kurta. There were countless faults and confusion, but I sailed away. This is by no means perfect, but I can be proud that it does fit me 🙂

2015-06-21 15.55.46

Once the kurta was done, again I went in search of a contrasting color fabric for the bottom pants. My idea was to make a semi patiala salwar. And again I followed the video from FashionforYou and made this set.

2015-06-21 15.59.02

2015-06-21 16.02.18

The set is not very comfortable and my sewing is least perfect. But I smile a lot when I wear, being happy with the color combinations, my crochet lace and above all the dress is how I imagined. After all, it feels good. ( not physically but yes emotionally).