Toy Hammock

Hi All,

In any household with kids, the space occupied by the toys is more than the space occupied by any living creature of the house.
So Here I’m with a Kids room storage idea. For sometime, I wanted a hanging storage space to shove away the toys after use. We already have cardboard boxes stand but that stands on ground swallowing floor space.
But I found something that is off the ground and moreover easy to toss the toys.
Here is what I’m referring to

Initially I stitched the hammock using a lacy material. My mistake, the material was lacy but not strechable and so it became useless in few days.
Now I decided to try using crochet and here it .. fully loaded with soft toys.

It is easy to organize, easy to search and all the more, the kid can play aim and throw πŸ™‚

It can be made for sale. So if you are interested, pls let me know.



Some doilies

Hello All,
Not much to brag about and here are two doilies that I made during the silence period.

First one is Double Pineapple Doily which I made after getting impressed from this one.

I made it with the cotton thread I bought on Raja Market and it took 2 full hanks. I was left with not even a handful of yarn.
Throughout the last few rows, I was nailbiting and hair scratching whether I will have enough to finish or should I buy one more hank just for the last round. Finally God saved my nails as well as the doily.

The second one is Victorian Rose doily which I have already attempted here.

I actually started with Fractal doily with the group in Facebook. For some reason, my doily was very big(yes, I did with Anchor knitting cotton) and came out of shape. The colors did not work. So decided to rip it out and try in single color. Till that time, I wanted to do something and so did the already perfected ( Oops read attempted) Victorian Rose doily and really liked it a lot.
I have stuck it on the wall and it is very heavy( obviously as it is almost 3 100 gm balls of Anchor knitting cotton). I tried with double sided tape which was not strong enough, so I have used these https://www.amazon.com/Command-Picture-Hanging-12-Pack-8-Medium/dp/B000OF6X48 for extra support.
I got these from my sister in Australia, but I’m sure it must be available in Staples.



Black and Colors

Hi All,

Its cushion time again. Here I have tried the stained glass effect on this cushion.
Black is used as main color and the contrasting colors are used for diagonal lines.

2015-03-24 10.35.30

I wanted it to be symmetrical and so the red diagonal line is just one.The pattern is diagonal box pattern which I have already tried here.

2015-03-24 10.35.00

2015-03-24 10.35.56

It was fun in all stages. While making the first cushion, choosing the colors were fun. Especially I loved the blue against black( that’s actually on photo but in real I like the mehendi green and missed having favorite Yellow )
Then thought a while how to maintain uniformity of having 2 rows of all colors and also making the cushion symmetrical. Then came to understanding that there can be only 1 diagonal line πŸ™‚ and did not want 3 row red( chances of running out of yarn) and so settled with 1.

2015-03-24 10.36.47

Every bit of fabric used for making and lining the cushion came from my stash so thumbs up for that πŸ™‚

2015-03-24 10.37.30

Finally sewed it 2 cushion filler also to slip inside the cushion. Again used fabric and polyfill from stash.
Using things from stash is one big positive feeling.

Do tell me how is the cushion and the finishing.( yes I did try a lot to get some neat finishing)



WIP Update

Hello All,

I know I’m lagging in the Kantha SAL but I will try to show some progress on coming monday.
Yesterday was voting day in Bangalore and we all got a Holiday πŸ™‚

Well, I did vote, I went as early as 8:00 am and finished my duty.(Oh, forgive the half vanished Nail polish)

2014-04-18 09.10.15
And the rest of the day, yes after the household chores ,I crocheted the below piece.

2014-04-18 09.11.04

This is going to be a sling bag with long handles( the cross body bag types).
2014-04-18 09.11.56

Initially I was making these motifs to make the Inga Bag.
2014-04-13 20.41.33

But my mom wanted a small bag and so I’m making this one. If I have enough yarn after making the long handles, I’ll continue my Inga bag in same color, if else, I’m thinking of making it in light blue-dark blue-light green-dark green combination.

The Pattern is Sao Paolo Bag designed by Cari Clement

Thanks All,
See you soon with Kantha SAL Update.


Flowery Lace

Hello All,

Flowery Lace- Yeah It sounds nice to pronounce and hear it.
Well I made the doily which I mentioned in my last post and this is the name I could think for it.

2013-09-29 21.24.04

It is a pineapple pattern and since I was working from stash, I ran out of threads twice.
Actually I did foresee that.

2013-09-29 21.22.56

The pattern is here, I skipped the last 2 rows as I was doubtful whether I’ll have enough of the dark green thread.
The inspiration came from here and here.
But I should have changed threads in the beginning of the round, instead when I ran out thread I left the old one and started with new color, the change was very subtle from light green to dark green while crocheting. But after blocking πŸ™‚ it is more prominent.
Blocking a doily not only evens the tension and opens up the lace, it also shows up the mistakes that I did.

2013-09-29 21.23.48

The recipient is happy and does not mind these things, instead she said, the dark border is impressive.
Loving it πŸ™‚
See you all with another FO soon.



Yellow Green

Hello All,

Yellow Green is a nick name for Gems in my sister’s family.
Are you smiling or surprised.
Even we have got nicknames for places/things in our family. Like there is Supermarket called Day2day and we call it “Hogsmeade”. Remembering Something?

My Daughter calls different things with nicknames and sometimes relating it with some thing.
Like @ Airtel Symbol is always referred as “SuperSinger” πŸ˜€ with a glee.

And Yippee is not just Yippe it is Long Non Sticky Tastyyyy Yippee.

There are many.. but nothing comes to my mind right now.

Ok, lets move on and make the point. So I made a doily in Yellow Green.

2013-07-12 09.09.47

Well, This doily was made as a challenge doily in Ravely. The Original pattern link is here and I made this from chart. Initially I thought I’ll make the full doily but I ran out of thread and in the rate, I was running out of thread, I realized I will not be able to make the full doily.

Second, anything I start for any other reason, other than a huge inspiration or creative urge, ends up mid way and I find reasons for convincing others. πŸ™‚

2013-09-18 15.46.39

Third, It is actually beautiful and the colors are more darker in real. Yellow is more bright yellow and the green is dark bottle green. I’m gifting this to my friend’s mom and she has already started to love this πŸ˜€

Nevertheless, I’m happy that I used up the Green and Yellow threads.
Since I have decided to use up the lavender and Green too, pls look forward for another doily in this blog.

See you all soon.



Sunday Dancing

Hi All,

Winter is gone & Summer came and went without showing up much. But I made this sweater several months back when winter was approaching.

2012-10-24 17.10.56

I choose this pattern for it was looking easy & simple. But it was highly confusing, so I made changes as per my wish. I did not make as many number of increases as mentioned, nor I made the lacy shell, for it was looking so bulgy with this yarn and the hook I used. So went with simple 3dc shell.

For sleeves, they are 3/4th by length, but when my daughter wears, it becomes almost half 😦
I did the shell pattern for the sleeves as well, but when I tried it on her, her tiny fingers were getting caught on the holes and so I ripped the shells and used dcs with decreases.

She was not willing to wear it initially(whenever I wanted to try it on her, she was resisiting) but now after finishing she wants to wear it. God only knows what kids think.

Every Sunday we go to nearby Uthkarsh park and though it is in the afternoon, the winds are chilly. So she is wearing the sweater for the Sunday visits to the park.

The Buttons looks more matching in real, somehow in the pictures, they don’t look matching with the sweater.
I added buttons only for the top part as it will be easy and free in the bottom. Also I find it comfortable for her when she sits & play.