Armstrong Numbers or Narcissistic Numbers

Hi All!!

I came across these numbers and found interesting, as if they are characteristic.
So I am writing with a brief explanation about them.

The source is here

To me they are interesting numbers 🙂
The definition is :A number that is the sum of its own digits each raised to the power of the number of digits.
Difficult right
Well Take number 12
= 1^2 + 2^2
= 1+4
= 5
12 not equal to 5
So it is not an Armstrong number
Now, take 153
= 1^3 + 5^3+3^3
So it is an Armstrong number. The to the power of 2 in previous example and 3 in the latter example are the number of digits in the number.

So now to go for a four digit number
Eg again…
= 1+1296+81+256
= 1634

Interesting Right!!!

I think there are ways to generate these number through different Algorithms.


P.S: This is just a reference post.