Craft for fun.. Umm.. for Diversion

Hello All,

I recently came across Vasudha’s blog . The pictures are colorful and droolworthy. Going through her blog, you will get lot of ideas for indoor decoration and DIY ideas.
She has many ideas to Craft with Kid and I tried it with my daughter and yes I got little success.

My daughter is 5+ years. She plays a lot outside and also in group, but at home it is difficult to keep her engaged. How long can she color dora and chotta bheem or do the same puzzles everyday.
So invariably she plays on tab or watches cartoon movies.
This weekend I tried few of the craft things for diverting her and here are the outcomes.

Here are tutorial links from Vasudha’s blog
Rainbow flowers

Heart and Dots

Honestly I folded the flowers and she stuck them on the circles. The Heart and dots was entirely done by her.

I’m no artist and my daughter has less patience that my search time. I was searching for a pic of hers to put in the center of the heart and she wanted to color the heart also. So she won.. that is worth celebrating isn’t it?






My Painting skills are zero

Hi All,

Now I have made my statement in the Post title, I can bravely show anything here.

When I went to Chennai last time, I bought 2 plain bedspreads.I wanted to paint Chotta Bheem characters in one and keep one for embroidery.
Well, the idea was simple and doable. Little did I know about my painting skills then..

I took printouts of Chotta Bheem characters( you will be surprised at the amount of hits I got when I searched Yay!! for Chotta Bheem)
Traced them and on one fine evening, started to paint..

Alas, the paint spreads on the cloth. I did not add water but I dipped brush in water. I didn’t know what to do and so dried it out and kept it inside.

A bedspread takes quite a space in the wardrobe-craft shared shelf. So I saw everyday and decided to get going.
So I went on, one by one painting all the characters. It was quite messy..

I had black paint, but did not know how to use for border. So started using it as it is…

2014-05-02 15.50.15
****************** Before Border****************************************

Later when I went to buy a gift for a birthday girl, I spotted this Permanent Marker in Black ink. The shopkeeper promised on his head that the color wont run and so I bought to give the border for my characters.

After adding the border and face strokes( like nose and mouth 😀 ), it looks ok now.

2014-05-13 19.58.54

2014-05-13 20.00.02

The bedspread is a hit with my daughter who loves chotta bheem and has now moved on to Mickey Mouse..

Should I use the other bedspread to paint Mickey Characters??

Only time will tell..

Thanks for reading ,


From the Land of Oz

Hi All,

Happy New Year & Happy Pongal to All.

I got a handmade gift from my sister in Australia. I asked for it and got it for my New Year.
During her early days, she has reproduced Tanjore Paintings( Calendar Painting showing Kings & warriors) in Indian Ink and it was a prized posession of ours. She also did a drawing and painting course and the book which was given to her as Study Material went on tour in our family.

She used to draw freehand designs and even decorated our Fridge door with a floral design.
In Between she lost touch and now she is picking her brush again.
I wish her All success in her Crafty Endeavors.

2013-01-02 19.55.00

It is a set of 4 canvas with the floral creeper starting in the below and growing upwards. She drew her own design, outlined with sketch and filled it with water colors.

2013-01-02 19.54.05

Pls forgive the blurr pics, night time pics in Tubelight added by the Plastic covering of the Canvas.
It looks so nice and lovely in real.