Kantha Embroidery Kurta

Hi All,

This is a quick finish for me. Yes I finished the Kantha Embroidery Kurta about which I wrote here.
Well, I finished 2 days before 🙂 yes yes, the embroidery part. The stitching is still pending. Anyway I’m going to give it to Tailor so no worries there.

2014-07-05 19.26.04

The Pics are not clear but I realised only after uploading.
Let me try to take some better pics.
2014-07-05 19.26.41

2014-07-05 19.26.50

I have a small motif done on the backside also and missed taking its picture!!.. here is the back motif
2014-07-10 21.02.40

Special thanks to Anita for inspiring me with Kantha Embroidery.
Also the border on the neckline is based on the Fancy Laced Running stitch tutorial.

Closeups soon..



Kantha Embroidery- Kurtha Design

Hi All,

After the Kantha SAL, I got inspired by so many google images that I relentlessly searched every day.
I kind of came up with my own design. 🙂
Well, no high expectation, it is just a line drawing.
So I dont have the picture, but here it goes. I took printouts of graph sheet and started making leaf like drawings.The traced it on to the fabric and started embroidery.


I’m using Kantha filling stitch, the one we used for the center flower in the Kantha SAL.

I have progressed more than this pic and will show the latest one soon.



SAL – Finito

Hi All,

Here is the finished version of the Kantha SAL Sampler.


Through this SAL, I have learnt many new stitches. My heartfelt thanks to Anita who has generously shared her knowledge on Kantha Embroidery.

My favorite stitching in the sampler is the Center Flower filled using Kantha Filling Stitches.


In the end, Anita has included diagonal kantha stitches. I tried the same and ended up with Satin Stitch filling. So removed the stitches and made kantha running stitches with inclination.


Stitches Used. I have linked them to the corresponding tutorials on Anita’s Blog. Pls click on the link to know how they are stitched.

Here is a mosaic on my progress during the SAL


This SAL was quite an experience. Since this is a Stitch Along, I must be on time for progress. I work in the day time so my craft time is limited and haphazard, so sometimes I was nervous that I could not either finish or could not take picture of the progress or sometimes failing to post when I have forgotten to transfer pictures from the phone.

But this SAL was not fast paced, it gave me enough time for stitching each part.
The tutorials were neat and explanatory. I’m glad that I took part in the SAL and finished this sampler.
Okie..See you all soon with another FO.