From the Jurassic World

Hi All,

I made this Amigurumi Dinasaur for my daughter as her birthday gift.
As I was doing it, I was forced ( by her) to tell that it is for her and it is a Dino , so no more surprises there.
But yet, she was expecting a Brontosaurus ( long necked dinosaur) whereas the one I made was a Triceratops.
That’s a surprise for me that she expected a Brontosaurus because I was very confident that she likes Triceratops and always seen her playing with her Triceratops Dino toy.






Pattern from here: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/plod-the-african-flower-triceratops
Wishing everyone a Happy New Year.



Some/Summer Sewing

Hello All,

I read in my fellow blogger’s post about the dress she stitched for her daughter. And what I remembered? to sew some frocks for my daughter. No I already did that, I remembered that I should take pics of those dresses before it gets worn/torn and given away.
Well, that is the state of my blog and procastination.
These pics are taken today in the bright summer morning (pls read balcony covered with cloth lines) and I’m determined to share them. I already see few threads hanging here and there. I did not have time to look at the photo properly trim the threads and take another pic as I have to leave to work. So please excuse, today evening I’ll trim those extras? And do you really need another pic after trimming, well it might take another week. Pls wait if you can. LOL.
I’m trying to write something before I bombard with the pictures. But let me not test your patience anymore. Here is my Some Summer sewing.


I was hoarding this lace for more than 3 years. I bought a nice cotton saree in Yellow with lace in the border. The lace came for the blouse sleeve part. I forgot why but I did not stitch the lace for the blouse and kept it, waiting for some sewing inspiration. When I bought this yellow printed cotton material from local shop, I remembered the lace and dug it from my cupboard( I was really lucky that day I should say, I never get things what I have bought and stored it for future use). The lace was in 2 panels, I kept them side my side and gave a white cloth underneath and stitched it. The frock is a normal one and drafted from her earlier frocks.


Zipper Back, this is the simplest I could do. Buttonhole and button band are too much effort for me to stitch as well as for usage. So it is always Zipper back for the frocks.

Second one, this was done much quicker.
This frock has embroidered yoke and full circle skirt. It was slightly windy when I took this picture and so the skirt volume is not clearly seen.

You can see this indoor pic taken on the day I finished sewing this dress.


I wanted to do simple and cute floral embroidery. But somehow decided on Kutch embroidery motif with small scrolls and dots to add colour.

Same as above 🙂


Some Complete and not so complete crochet

Hello 🙂

Again a picture post.
Here are some crochet completed and not yet completed.
When I complete, I’ll try to post them again.
By posting this, I can also guess how long a WIP remains a WIP(Work in progress)

Some clips for my daughter and gifting.

Ch4, ring
In the ring (ch2 3dc cd2, slip stitch in the ring) 6 times.
Fold the petals forward and make loops on the backside.
ch4 ss to next ss. Make 6 loops.
In the loops ch2 5dc ch2 ss in the loop.


Again my own pattern. Make a reasonable big granny square, fold into half and stitch the sides( this you can do at the end also).
Continue 3dc granny pattern in circle( i.e cylindrical). Add handle as per your choice and Finish.

I tested this pattern for a ravelry friend.
Pattern is free in Ravelry Anthurium Bag by Srividya Ganapathy .
Give a try it was easy and new for me.

Making this as a cushion cover and the pattern is from facebook/pinterest.
2015-08-04 12.00.15



Happy New Year

A Quick Hello and Happy new year wishes to all.

These are my other blankets for the MICQ group which is aiming for Guiness Record of creating the largest crochet blanket.




I enjoyed making these granny squares and really fell in love with them. Had little sad time parting with them too.
But now that I made them in very short span of time(2-3 weeks), I can actually make them regularly for charity or gifting. I’m wishing to make 1 blanket every 3/4 months and donate to the needy.
Hope I can do so without losing my Granny blanket mojo.



Circular Organizer in rectangle shape

Hello All,

Circular Organizer in rectangle shape. Should I put this as a disclaimer instead of keeping it as Title of the post?
Comments welcome.


Ok, Came back to my blog to post this Organizer I made with embroidery pieces.



These Embroidery were made years back..( which will be few to count.. say 3,4) and was sewn to a simple organizer. But now I wanted a sturdy and a bigger one for keeping my daughter’s school circulars. ( Hey.. puzzle revealed).
So I gave a backing cloth and did some binding with contrast fabric. These are some leftovers from my skirt.
Does it look better now than before?

Please do share what immediately comes to your mind.
If you say, you would wish to do a similar one, I’ll be happy.
If you ask me to do something like this for commission, I’ll be more happy.
If you say the stitches are staggered and give me tips to improve, I’ll be really happy.

P.S: The circular is almost a proper rectangle. Yes,it has slightly tapered corners, in the photo it is enhanced.
See here. It is my signature 🙂



Scrolls and Flowers

Hello All,

This is some simple embroidery done to brighten up an otherwise plain frock.
You can ask me, why did you buy plain then? It was bought for “Red Day” 🙂 in nursery.All the dresses she had has majority white with other colors.

2015-06-07 09.01.12

I saw this design in Ravelry project by Ritha and here is the project link http://www.ravelry.com/projects/ritha/table-cloth-and-placemats
You should have an Ravelry account to see this project but it is free.

I asked for her permission and then drew the design. I made it simple and repeated in straight line.

2015-06-07 09.01.45

For the neck, there were pleats but I managed to make a simple neckline also.

2015-06-07 09.01.29

Here is the closeup

2015-06-07 09.02.29

The stitches used are the simplest ones, Stem, lazy Daisy,fishbone stitch flower.

Thats all for now.
By Gods Grace, I finished the sewing in Sneak Peak post. So it will come soon.