Black and Colors

Hi All,

Its cushion time again. Here I have tried the stained glass effect on this cushion.
Black is used as main color and the contrasting colors are used for diagonal lines.

2015-03-24 10.35.30

I wanted it to be symmetrical and so the red diagonal line is just one.The pattern is diagonal box pattern which I have already tried here.

2015-03-24 10.35.00

2015-03-24 10.35.56

It was fun in all stages. While making the first cushion, choosing the colors were fun. Especially I loved the blue against black( that’s actually on photo but in real I like the mehendi green and missed having favorite Yellow )
Then thought a while how to maintain uniformity of having 2 rows of all colors and also making the cushion symmetrical. Then came to understanding that there can be only 1 diagonal line 🙂 and did not want 3 row red( chances of running out of yarn) and so settled with 1.

2015-03-24 10.36.47

Every bit of fabric used for making and lining the cushion came from my stash so thumbs up for that 🙂

2015-03-24 10.37.30

Finally sewed it 2 cushion filler also to slip inside the cushion. Again used fabric and polyfill from stash.
Using things from stash is one big positive feeling.

Do tell me how is the cushion and the finishing.( yes I did try a lot to get some neat finishing)



Now comes the cushions :-)

Hi All,

Hope I did not bore you much with my previous post and just as a trick my next post comes very quick.
So here comes the cushion 😀

2014-12-14 15.57.44

I bought many shades of Vardhaman Millenium from Pradhan Embroidery stores online(thru Facebook. If you are interested, here is the link )

And one of my to-do project was Blooming Flower cushion. So I started a list and made these cushions.
Without much of story, here is the pattern link and Ravelry link to the projects.

Giant Rose Bud :
Pattern : Blooming Flower Cushion
Rav Link : TBA

2014-12-14 11.02.30

Backside of the bud 🙂

2014-12-14 11.04.54
There was no pattern, I simply went on making a circle with different stitches.

Color Waves :
2014-12-14 11.19.18

2014-12-14 11.18.44

Pattern: Ripples of Happiness

Rav Link : TBA

Pretty Petals:

2014-12-14 11.05.40

Pattern : Something Pretty
And the final
Color Stripes:
Aha, there is no solo pic. Pls manage with this.

2014-12-14 15.56.39

Pattern : Granny Stripe