Cross Stitch Flower

Hi All,

I have got one more completed item here.
Well as the post title says, it is a cross stitch.I started doing embroidery from my college days and do a little bit here and there. But never I have tried Cross Stitch. I have heard that it is very simple. Nothing much, it is only a cross and that forms the stitch. So I was little over confident when I ordered this cross stitch kit from Pony Store.


I love many things from that store, but what I have bought is less. Few hooks ,some needles and 2 kits.

I started very enthusiastically and later slowed down.It is very meticulous. I forgot the count of the aida cloth that came with the kit. But it was fine. I had to look close and insert the needle.

So it came to an halt soon. Then after sometime where I really felt the need to finish this. I picked it up again. Few days and then again halt as I was getting headaches.

2014-05-15 10.55.09

Then there was Embroidery Stitch Along in Ravelry Crafty Dozen group and so I picked it up again to finish it once for all.
So finally I did it.

2014-05-15 18.56.07

Well, After this, I did the finishing. Seamed the edges and kind of framed it.
Now it is hanging in the door. Will try to get a better pic.
See you real soon with another FO.