Doily Earring Holder

Hello All,

During a casual whatsapp chat, Kavitha one of Ravelry friend shared the idea of using a Doily for earring holder. And I got hooked to it,reason being, I love making doilies. They are fast in the beginning and it is hard to stop towards the ending.
And this time, it is going to be a useful item too.
2015-08-02 07.21.58

So I started with Summer Splendor which was on my list for long time.
I started with the cotton thread which I used for I love doilies .
I skipped many rounds in between considering the size of embroidery frame I have.
Quickly it went and soon I completed and blocked it.

Then came the task of fixing it in embroidery frame. Again during the discussion Vimala aka Vims mentioned it is better to use fabric while fixing in frame. So I stitched the doily on a cloth and fixed the cloth on hoop the usual way.

So here it is finished.
2015-08-02 07.22.36

And adorned.
2015-08-02 07.42.39

2015-08-02 07.42.03

Loved the Summer Splendor doily pattern, wishing to do one more.
See you soon with another cushion cover 🙂


From Start to Finish

Hello All,

Remember this post, I made a yoke with the Silk thread. The yarn was costliest in my stash and I had little bit more after completing the yoke. I decided to make some laces and attach to my kurta.
So I did the lace following this pattern.


After making the lace, I wanted to make piping to match the lace color.
I was sure that my base fabric will be some dark color but I wanted piping. So I got silk fabric in purple color.( I love the touch and feel of the fabric but it was nightmare making piping out of it.
I went in search of matching fabric and got black brocade kind of material for the kurta.
That is when I shared this teaser pic.

2015-03-30 19.23.58

Later I followed this video tutorial and made a princess seam kurta. There were countless faults and confusion, but I sailed away. This is by no means perfect, but I can be proud that it does fit me 🙂

2015-06-21 15.55.46

Once the kurta was done, again I went in search of a contrasting color fabric for the bottom pants. My idea was to make a semi patiala salwar. And again I followed the video from FashionforYou and made this set.

2015-06-21 15.59.02

2015-06-21 16.02.18

The set is not very comfortable and my sewing is least perfect. But I smile a lot when I wear, being happy with the color combinations, my crochet lace and above all the dress is how I imagined. After all, it feels good. ( not physically but yes emotionally).


Blue Princess

Hello All, I like Blue color and tired seeing Pink everywhere. So I made a blue dress for a cute princess. 2015-05-24 16.50.34 I wanted to do a crochet yoke dress for a while after seeing the dress made by Deepa in Ravelry. There was quite a thought on which yarn to do.Deepa’s yoke was with Alize Bella yarn. I have quite a stash to finish before I can buy. So postponed the idea of making it right away. But later when the Ayushyahomam(First B’day) of the little girl was announced, I tried to make the best out of the stash I had. So I made it with Anchor Knitting cotton. I was worried in the beginning that it might become very heavy. My friend’s sister made Angel Wings Pinafore with knitting cotton and told me it was quite heavy. 2015-05-19 11.06.10 After finishing, it is not as heavy as much I worried. I made the yoke and skirt pattern following this Pattern Anyone who wants to make this kind of yoke, I suggest this pattern and not the shells. In this pattern there is only one stitch on each stitch , so it does make the yoke heavy. 2015-05-24 16.52.19 In the back, I added separate strips for Button band and Button hole bands to make it look neat. Surprisingly, I finished the yoke in 2-3 days and hunted Chickpet for tulle or lacy blue fabric so that it will look like party wear. I did not find suitable material. The materials were very grand and it did not compliment the look of crochet yoke. So I resorted to my usual shop “Kishan Fashions” in Tippasandra and got this printed cotton material.I felt this print and crochet yoke go very well. I’m making a similar dress for Harshini in knit. Hoping I can show that also soon. Cheers, Sangheetha.


Sneak Peak

Hello All,

2015-03-30 19.23.58

I’m trying to squeeze some minutes every day trying to complete this one.
But it is not getting any closer to the finish line.
Impatient I’am, I wanted to share a sneak peak of what I’m trying here..

2015-03-30 19.25.20

By the time I could arrange the kundan stones, the little one took the purple fabric for playing.
So… Have a nice day.