Daisy Sling Bag

Hello All,

Remember this crochet piece which I did during Election day. Well I finished it. No , not today, I finished many days before today but many days after the election holiday 🙂

So here is the finished piece.


I made it for my mom as she wanted a pouch to keep her mobile phone. I thought of making mobile phone pouch, but I wanted it to be more useful, so extended the idea of making a sling bag. Who said Sling bags are for young ones, my mom loves this one. But my mom loves everything young ppl love.

I added a zipper and also lined it.

The flap is not functional, only decorative.



WIP Update

Hello All,

I know I’m lagging in the Kantha SAL but I will try to show some progress on coming monday.
Yesterday was voting day in Bangalore and we all got a Holiday 🙂

Well, I did vote, I went as early as 8:00 am and finished my duty.(Oh, forgive the half vanished Nail polish)

2014-04-18 09.10.15
And the rest of the day, yes after the household chores ,I crocheted the below piece.

2014-04-18 09.11.04

This is going to be a sling bag with long handles( the cross body bag types).
2014-04-18 09.11.56

Initially I was making these motifs to make the Inga Bag.
2014-04-13 20.41.33

But my mom wanted a small bag and so I’m making this one. If I have enough yarn after making the long handles, I’ll continue my Inga bag in same color, if else, I’m thinking of making it in light blue-dark blue-light green-dark green combination.

The Pattern is Sao Paolo Bag designed by Cari Clement

Thanks All,
See you soon with Kantha SAL Update.


Entrelac Crochet Bag

Hi All,

In this post, I had listed what all stiches I wanted to try. Days flew, Months passed, except for the diagonal crochet I could not attempt on anything.

2013-09-08 18.42.52

But Entrelac became lucky. I wanted to try it for quite some time and came across this pattern and this project in Ravelry.
A blanket is a too big project and so my plan was to make a small piece which can used as cover or some display piece.
I was familiar with the Tunisian Simple stitch and did not know the Knit Stitch. I tried a small swatch with both the stitches and there was some tension issues.So I went on googling more about Tunisian Entrelac and came across this video of crochet Geek (Teresa Richardson) introducing Entrelac Crochet.

It used only TSS the one which I know and so I started making my sample. It was easy and you should concentrate only on the beginning and the ending of the row, especially it matters where you begin the row either in the top or side of the diamond.

2013-09-08 18.32.24

I used this video for finishing the side triangles as I could not understand it from the Blanket pattern.

I made 2 similar looking pieces ,joined them with long strip of crochet(tunisian again) and then sewed to the sides and extending it for handle.
Hand sewn the zipper, as I have other ideas for lining the bag and will take time.

Thanks All
See you soon with another project.