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I started this blog mainly to display and discuss about my Embroidery, crochet and other related stuffs.
But I wanted to write at least one page on my another hobby which I really really enjoy doing. It is reading Books!!!
I have always found great solace in reading books. Books give me a calm state of mind, able to be compassionate with things and passionately dream about the main theme which is described in the book. Well the last one lasts only for few days
Reading Books is really an entertaining Hobby but more than that, Books give a unique feeling after you finish them. The characters linger in your minds, the favorite dialogues repeats over and over and you enjoy seeing the scenes of the book in your head.I firmly believe that reading books is better than seeing the same story as a movie or a drama.
By reading, you create your own characters, imagination of their nature and so many other things which I am finding very hard to explain.
This page is dedicated to the books I read , enjoyed, shared!!
To begin with I am giving the list of books which I read, re-read over the years and enjoyed. As and when I get time I’ll add some of my feelings/findings which I got from the book.
• Gone with the Wind by Margaret Mitchell
One of the best classics I have ever read till today. I can never forget Scarlett till my end. Scarlet and her firmness; Melanie and her gentleness and Rhett with his amusements. From the day I read the book I adore Scarlet character. And I try to relate Melanie with people around. Till now I have never found Scarlet in anyone around me or I love the character too much that I cannot relate it with any human 
• Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling
o Harry Potter and Philosophers Stone
o The Chamber of Secrets
o The Prisoner of Azhkaban
o The Goblet of Fire
o The Order of Phoenix
o The Half Blood Price
o The Deathly Hallows

I started reading Harry Potter’s 1st book when I was in college and really liked the book. Then I bought the second book though I started the second book , I never got a chance to complete it as I saw the movie before finishing the book and did not like the story in the movie so dropped reading the book. Then After a long long break, almost after 3-4 years, I introduced Harry Potter 1st book to my husband who wanted something nice and light to read.
Immediately he became a fan of Harry ( of course me too) and we started reading one after the other ( 7 book series) and completed the whole series in less than 6 months.
Now we have re-read the series many many times and love talking about the characters and telling the dialogues. We love hermione’s dialogues explaining girls feelings and they are often teased.
One step further, we have named our Apartment as Hogwarts Castle and a nearby super market as Honey Dukes and another park as Hogsmeade. And we recite all the spells,patronus and charms on our everyday life to add charm to it 🙂
On the other side, the series is very addictive and one way I’m blessed I was not introduced to such books during school days otherwise my parents would have really had tough time making me read school books and keep me away from the Potter books.
To comment on J K Rowlings writing, well it is world-renowned and appreciated.
I liked the flow of writing with light humour throughout the story. And it is not a moral she is trying to preach but invariably the strength of friendship, love, compassion are stressed in all the books throughout the series.

• The Kite Runner by Khaleid Hosseni
• Rebecca
• Tolstoy War and Peace
• Three Men in a Boat by Jerome K Jerome
This is a wonderful narrative book by Jerome K Jerome. Such a humourous narration of 3 ppl going in a boat in River Thames and their so called adventures.
It is a very small book but worth reading. After reading, you will really feel that the story got over so soon. 🙂
• Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaleid Hosseni
• Angels and Demons by Dan Brown
• The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown
• The Lost Symbol
• Ayn Rand Fountain Head
• Paul Coelho The Alchemist
• Chetan Bhagat 5 point Someone
• Chetan Bhagat One night at call center
• Chetan Bhagat Three mistakes of my life
• Chetan Bhagat Two States
• Rabindranath Tagore Gora
• Short Stories of Tagore
• Short Stories of Saki
• Sophie Kinsella Can you Keep a secret
• The Undomestic Goddess
• Shopaholic series
• Twenties Girl
• Kavya Viswanathan How Opal Mehta got kissed got wild and got a life
• Mario Puzo The God Father
and some more..
In Tamil

பொன்னியின் செல்வன்
சிவகாமியின் சபதம்
பார்த்திபன் கனவு
கள்வனின் காதலி
I love Alai Oosai (the best of all Kalki’s novels).

கற்றதும் பெற்றதும் part I
கற்றதும் பெற்றதும் part II
தலைமை செயலகம்
அனிதாவின் காதல்கள்
கற்பனைக்கும் அப்பால்
கடவுள் இருகிறார?
மீண்டும் ஜீனோ
சுஜாதாவின் விஞ்ஞான சிறுகதைகள் பார்ட் I
and so many more from Vikatan and other magazines.
I have read Books of Jeyamohan, Jeyakantan, Sivashankar, Ramani Chandran, RajaNarayanan and more. But I dont remember all the titles. I will add more to this list and explain each one in brief.

Please feel free to include your favorite book and character.
I would love to hear your favorite books.


Update on Feb 28th

I started reading Jane Austen few months back and now I’m a ardent fan of her. I have completed
Sense & Sensibility
Pride & prejudice
And now I’m reading Mansfield Park. I have bought Northanger Abbey also.

So far my favorite is Emma, but I love all her novels. They are filled with so much love & romance.



5 thoughts on “Book List

  1. Nice list … well, we have some similar books. I miss reading … I need to get back to reading books – real books. E-Readers were supposed to help with that, but finding the time to read is still elusive …

  2. Good to see your list. Happy to say that I read most of the English books in your list and enjoyed too.. Now I am reading Amitav ghosh,s ” the circle of silence”. Interesting…

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