Hi All,

Welcome to my blog.

This is Sangheetha, living in L.B.Shastri nagar ( near HAL) Bangalore, India. I am married and blessed with a small baby girl recently.

In this blog, I will be posting some of my trial and error samples in embroidery which is my only hobby.

Well, I do some reading, cooking and other stuffs too.

Feel free to drop in your comments.



P.S: I am looking for some crafty company in the nearby area say HAL , IndiraNagar, JeevanBima Nagar, Tippasandra..Incase anyone from this area and have some time on weekends, I will be really happy to meet and do some crafts together.


18 thoughts on “About

  1. Thanks Viji.
    I too like Kutch work very much. It is kind of Patience tester for me.
    I always feel immensely happy when I do kutch work without making mistakes. The stitch by itself is a skill tester. 🙂

  2. Excellent work, i happen to see your blog,through google search. i am don,t know about the technical terminology, but i am wondering about these designs and the time spent towards it, your patients is appreciated.

    All the best!

  3. hi sangeetha, finally i could locate somebody with similar interest. i just wanted to know where you get good matti or cross stitch fabric in india. i live in hyderabad.

  4. Hi! Firstly, I love your work. I have gone through all your posts especially the crochet works. I like to crochet. Im planning to learn sewing but putting it off because of my two lil boys who keep me busy.
    I was looking at your post on the jaldi clutch in ravelry and I saw that you have mentioned that you got the purse/mobile thread from tippasandra. Can you let me know which shop it is?

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