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This blog is mainly for my craft activities. But this post is more of an information post. My daughter has myopia from the age of 7 and she has been wearing glasses for almost a year and a half. Whoever sees her admires her confidence, smartness and also notices that she wears glasses. Few suggested us a trip to Pondichery. Out of which one person had gone there, visited and seen improvement. She gave a very practical advice, to give a try. Things may or may not improve, but being a child and the myopia is recently diagnosed, the chances of cure are high. So we planned in advance and got the appointment from the school. This blog post by Raj gave us many details to start.
We had been to the School for Perfect eyesight in Pondicherry during the first week of April.School for Perfect Eyesight is a place in Pondicherry and supported by Sri Aurobindo Ashram. The speciality of the place is that through series of exercises and relaxation techniques, the eye sight can be improved.
When we went, there were flock of children and young adults performing those exercises methodically under parents supervision.

Disclaimer : This is only a informative post. I’m not a doctor nor a trainer from the school. As mentioned above, I took my daughter for a week, learnt these and found good improvement.
The school does not guarantee the removal of spectacles.
Effect varies from person to person and depends on other factors too.
Healthy and nutritious food is recommended with plentiful of greens, carrot and orange coloured fruits.

The order in which we did the exercizes
1. Sun treatment : Swing with your eyes closed facing the morning sun or evening sun( advised to do both times). Swing with leg movement for 60 counts.


2. Massage or Accupressure.
These are best learnt in the presence of trainer.
Close your eyes while doing this exercise.
1.Gentle press on the tips of the fingers .( 5 times in each finger. Starting from thumb, where the sides are pressed separately.
i.e 1. Press the left side of thumb 5 times
2. Press the right side of thumb 5 times
3. Next finger, press the tip of the finger for 5 times
4. Continue till little finger.
5. Between pointing finger and middle finger, press by making a U shape covering the upper part of palm.
Follow the same for next hand
2.Gently press the tip of ear lobe( where we pierce for studs)
3.6 points. Gently rotate 3 times on the 6 points around the eye.
1.Above the starting tip of the eye-brow ( near to the place where we keep bindi)
2. Above the center of the eye brow ( where there is a peak)
3. Tip of the eye brow -> near the ear
4. Down to point 3
5. Down to point 2
6. In between 2 eye brows on the sides of the nose bone
4. Massage gently in rounds ( 5 rounds) above the center of the eyes.
5. 1. Massage and move your pointing finger slowly above the eye brow, follow the eye brow, go over the ear lobe and massage 3 times in circular fashion behind the ear lobe close to the bottom of the ear.
2. Massage and move your pointing finger following the nose bone, over the cheeks, go over the ear lobe and massage 3 times in circular fashion behind the ear lobe close to the bottom of the ear.

Note, all these needs to be done with eyes closed. If you are doing for the child, use thumb wherever possible. If the child is doing by himself/herself, let him/her use pointing finger.

3.Palming :
Rub your hands and make it warm. Keep the left palm over the right palm and cover your eyes with the palm. The eyes should be covered with the hollow part of palm not with the fingers. Also not to put pressure on the eyes.

4.Bar Swing :
Swing and see through bars and blink as you swing left and right.
Again, this is to bring in the habit of blinking often and to see thru the bars.

5.Game of ball:

V shape. Stretch your hands sideways and bounce the ball on the ground ( to make a v shape ) from the shoulder level and follow the ball with your eyes. Blink after catching every time.
i.e Blink, bounce the ball, follow the ball, catch it from other hand and blink.
Repeat for 40 counts.

U Shape : Throw the ball to form a inverted U shape from right hand to left or vice versa. The ball should make U at eye level and not too high or low.Follow the ball with your eyes and blink after catching.
Repeat for 40 counts.

6.Fine Print reading :
To read a fine print or a chart at a readable distance.
First with both the eyes.
Then one eye closed
Then the other eye closed.
Whenever there is a strain, close the eyes, open and read it again.

7. Eye Movement:
This is quite familiar and practiced even in yoga centers.

1. Without moving your head, stretch your right hand to front, making a fist and thumbs open, move to right side of the body. The eyes should follow the thumb, blink at the end, come back to front and blink again.
This should be repeated 5 times.
Similarly, with left hand and stretch to the left side.

2.Keep the pointing finger horizontal ( few inches away from body) move it from down to up ( slightly above belly button and till the temple) , The eyes should follow the finger, blink and bring it down.
Repeat 5 times.

3.Keep the pointing finger vertical , near chest level and follow the tip of the finger, stretch it full , blink, look at a far away object , blink and again bring it back.
Repeat 5 times.

8. Snellen’s chart reading :
There is a concept called “Central Fixation”
The child has to read the snellen’s chart from a comfortable distance.
Blink after reading each line.
Read with both eyes
Read with one eye closed
Read with the other eye closed.

As the child is able to read, slowly increase the distance.
If the child has difficulty in reading any line or letter, close both eyes, count slowly till 10 and gently open the eyes and try to read. I could not clearly understand the concept of central fixation. But I saw after closing the eyes for 10 counts and opening, the letters are more clear.

9. Vapour : Close your eyes and allow vapour on your face for a minute.

10.Cold Pack : Use cotton or cotton handkerchief, dip in water at room temperature.Apply it on the eyes and rest of 10 minutes.

General advices :


There could be errors/mistakes in what I mentioned above. Certain positions and movements are best learnt in person.

I firmly recommend a visit to the school if you are interested. The ashram helps in accommodation( to be paid by ourselves) but at reasonable rates.

We stayed in Sea Side Guest House which is at walk able distance to the school and also facing the sea.
The Pondichery city is nice to roam around and Monday can be used to go to Pichavaram(Mangrove forest) or Auroville. I would recommend Pichavaram as Auroville could be very hot and needs some prior permission to visit Matri Mandir. But it is your choice. We did not go to both the places. Instead enjoyed the guest house and sea view morning and evening.
All the days, exercises are to be done both in morning and evening.

Few links for further studies and information :



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