Guiness Record

As I mentioned in my previous post about the Blankets made for the Guiness Record.

We acheived !!!

The Crochet blanket we made and joined measured 11,148.5 sq.mtrs. The previous record was is 3377 sq.mtrs. The new record is nearly 3 times of it.

Here is the certificate received in the name of  Mother India Crochet Queens. The individual certificates is in the process 🙂


Kudos to the team and the Co-ordinator Ms. Subhashri Natarajan.

To read more about the Guiness Record, Here are the links,

Field Work photos- A lot of hardwork and determination here.

Mother India Crochet Queens Facebook page

The Ebook has lot of information on the people behind the scene and also lot of picture of blanket contributors and sponsors.

And my blanket recap 🙂




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