Some Complete and not so complete crochet

Hello 🙂

Again a picture post.
Here are some crochet completed and not yet completed.
When I complete, I’ll try to post them again.
By posting this, I can also guess how long a WIP remains a WIP(Work in progress)

Some clips for my daughter and gifting.

Ch4, ring
In the ring (ch2 3dc cd2, slip stitch in the ring) 6 times.
Fold the petals forward and make loops on the backside.
ch4 ss to next ss. Make 6 loops.
In the loops ch2 5dc ch2 ss in the loop.


Again my own pattern. Make a reasonable big granny square, fold into half and stitch the sides( this you can do at the end also).
Continue 3dc granny pattern in circle( i.e cylindrical). Add handle as per your choice and Finish.

I tested this pattern for a ravelry friend.
Pattern is free in Ravelry Anthurium Bag by Srividya Ganapathy .
Give a try it was easy and new for me.

Making this as a cushion cover and the pattern is from facebook/pinterest.
2015-08-04 12.00.15



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