Crochet Blanket for the Guiness Record.

Hello All,

Mother India’s Crochet Queens is a facebook group which is targeting to create the largest crochet blanket for Guinness Record and here I’m with my two cents to the mission.



More details on this page



5 thoughts on “Crochet Blanket for the Guiness Record.

  1. Hi sangheetha, I would like to know more about this event. I am a beginner crocheter, who loves to try new things out of yarns and hooks. I would love to contribute for this cause, but saw the group closed when I followed the link you posted. May I know how to proceed for this? Should i click the join group link? When is the last date, where is the venue, what should I do for this like should I crochet a blanket or few lengths of it and will it be joined together? How or to whom should I send it across, address, contact information etc. Sorry for sending such a questionnaire. Thank you.

    • Hi Srikala,
      Great that you would like to contribute/participate in this event.

      Here are the details
      You need to make a 40″ * 40 ” blankets. Mainly it should be a granny square pattern.
      Also you need to use only 4 ply yarn and 5 mm hook.

      Where are you location?
      Accordingly I can put you in touch with that location co-ordinator.
      Btw, you can join the closed group. All the details, FAQs are posted there.


  2. All the best! I read an article about this in the newspaper sometime back. I must admit it was really tempting to join but I had to think about all the other things on my table and pull myself back 🙂

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