Circular Organizer in rectangle shape

Hello All,

Circular Organizer in rectangle shape. Should I put this as a disclaimer instead of keeping it as Title of the post?
Comments welcome.


Ok, Came back to my blog to post this Organizer I made with embroidery pieces.



These Embroidery were made years back..( which will be few to count.. say 3,4) and was sewn to a simple organizer. But now I wanted a sturdy and a bigger one for keeping my daughter’s school circulars. ( Hey.. puzzle revealed).
So I gave a backing cloth and did some binding with contrast fabric. These are some leftovers from my skirt.
Does it look better now than before?

Please do share what immediately comes to your mind.
If you say, you would wish to do a similar one, I’ll be happy.
If you ask me to do something like this for commission, I’ll be more happy.
If you say the stitches are staggered and give me tips to improve, I’ll be really happy.

P.S: The circular is almost a proper rectangle. Yes,it has slightly tapered corners, in the photo it is enhanced.
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5 thoughts on “Circular Organizer in rectangle shape

  1. A lovely idea.. Instead of keeping all the samplers in a folder/drawer you’ve turned them into a lovely piece..well done! A small suggestion, try a smaller width binding and also square up the piece before attaching the binding.. Pls ignore if you know these tips already..

    • Oh Thanks Anita. I did measure and cut them into straight lines. But what should be the width of a regular binding.
      Also the way I attach is fold binding into half, stitch the open end to the backside. Then bring the folded end to front and attach. But I see different bindings in the internet. Which one do you use? recommend?
      Thanks Again for the feedback. I really appreciate it.

  2. Sorry, I didn’t see your reply earlier. I use 2.5 ” width binding strips mostly. For a project like yours I use straight grain binding and for bigger projects like quilts I use bias binding.

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