My Own Kindle Cover

Hello All,

I was a proud owner of a Kindle few months ago. And last week I again became a proud owner of the necessary Kindle Cover 🙂

The pros and cons of Kindle will be added to the post on majority request.
Else I directly move the kindle cover.


The material is Brushed Denim, it is from my husbands jeans :-). yes it is a recycled product.


The inner side is padded and quilted with polyester batting (again re-used from my daughter’s bed).
The outer side has stiffener and fabric.


These are the Quilting lines!!!

Yes, there are many imperfections especially all the corners, but it was so difficult to stitch through many layers and corners were the most difficult one.


The corner pockets hold the kindle safe and fits tightly.

The Cozy snug fit Kindle cover

My favorite bit is the magnetic clasp for fastening. I love how it came out.But I worry now it should not get detached from the cover.
I remember sewing it properly but still!!!


P.S : In my last post, I said about a cushion cover, well for now it is only Kindle Cover. Hope the next post will be cushion cover.


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