My Happy Flower

Hello All,

Sometimes I suffer from bloggers block. Oh, I dont know what it is , but the symptoms are you have something to share, but there are no words to explain.
And I got it and the only way I can come out of it is to share something which doesn’t have details to explain.

Easy Isn’t it?

2015-07-22 10.43.23

And this one I made it very quick so there are no details to add. Simple fabric flowers.
Recently I made an addition to my craft stash. No, it is not fabrics, it is a Glue Gun which I got after many enquiries. There are lot of glue guns in the market and how to get the good one?

How do you buy craft stuffs? Do you go for expensive one or normal one? How do you know which one works better?
I have no idea in these things and usually buy the medium one. He he .. next to tossing coin.My purchases are usually like this for how much ever I try to search, I buy the ones which are available in nearest fancy store.

Now no one will believe I had bloggers block, for I have ranted so much.

Here goes my fabric flower.

2015-07-22 10.43.23

Flower tutorial is from Pink Paper Peppermints . I love her blog title.. So cute and feels happy reading it..

There are certain things which you ogle for so long, crave to do it, feel bad that you don’t have supplies and procrastinate doing thinking of right fabrics.

Fabric Flowers are such things, but I suggest do it right away. It is as simple as they really look.
They are cute, fun and most importantly very easy.

For the detail sake I used the glue gun to stick magnet on the back of the flower.
Fevicol works great too.

Good Luck 🙂



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