Mixed Dress

Hello All,

Now that my block is gone, I’m here to tell this story of Mixed Dress.

2015-06-25 17.54.08

This dress was long pending one.( Now which is not a long planned, long pending thing in my blog, everything seems to take its own sweet time).
But this one made me dream about for quite a while.
The moment we are hooked to a pattern, we see all the projects made with it And people screaming that the pattern is not clear.
Yet you take the plunge. When there is nothing to lose and everything to gain. When it comes to craft, this statement justifies all the new projects you take irrespective of the WIPs or To do lists(Remember this?)

So I started off with this pattern. To start with there was no gauge mentioned in the pattern. But it is a free pattern and it looks easy.
Then I did not use the yarn or even corresponding yarn mentioned in the pattern. I used what I had.
-ve plus -ve is Positive.

2015-06-27 06.16.06

As I knitted, I visited frog pond countless times. When I said countless, it is not few or 4-5 times. It is close to 10 ( My 4 yr old daughter can count till 100 and I say 10 as countless, pls dont think bad of me)
many times the neck was wide, sometimes I thought it is narrow. And after the various permutations and combinations, I cast on and knitted few rows with count similar to first few trails.

2015-06-20 11.22.24

Then the boat sailed away. I’m still a novice knitter, using knitting markers all the while ( while I have never used marker for crochet, kept counting every time) and making increases after the correct stitch or before the stitch and if I increased rightly on the stitch where I should increase, I blissfully slipped stitched out of happiness, later compensating for the right increase.

2015-06-27 06.15.44

Every row in this dress has a story to tell. And the most evident of all is I purled in between a knit row and formed a design element 🙂 ( That is substitute of “Shabby chic” )
2015-06-27 06.15.44
Finally knitted and blocked. I knowingly avoided the lace pattern though it was the one which drew me into the pattern. It is beyond my ability to do lace and increase. But not now, may be sometime later I’ll develop the skill.

Since it was plain, I did embroidery. Embroidery is something I can say I’m skilled. Now please do not point errors. Please just nod and continue reading, I’ll say you are a good person.
2015-06-27 06.13.11
I confidently started the embroidery. It is so different in knit. Lots of counting and tension in pulling stitches, I managed to finish less confidently.

To adorn, the plainer bodice, I made a flower.

The skirt has another story, but will make it short.
I bought this material in chickpet after searching high and low for another material. It was too costly for the quantity and quality. 1 mt or lace and 1 mt of matching soft georgette costed my 500Rs.
I should have bargained, but felt unwise to do so for 1 mt of each cloth.
2015-06-27 06.15.15

I made a circle skirt and attached to knitted bodice. Used some lovely flowery buttons.
Though the knit is little rough, the skirt is very light.
Now awaiting winter to use it..



2 thoughts on “Mixed Dress

  1. For a garment with no proper pattern you have done Very well. Now it is an ‘Original’ and lovely too.

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