Hello All,

Sorry no progress on the Sneak Peak project. I think I played with my stars :-). It is still in same state. I have not got the courage to stitch it. But I did stitch something quick.
Guess How?
But I had 4 days holidays last week.Thursday was bandh and Friday was holiday for May 1st. No planned getaways so stayed at home and finished a frock from start to finish.
It took close to 5 hours with numerous timeouts in between.

2015-05-06 07.12.03

And another plus is, these came from my stash. And how it came to my stash, it was hand-me-down from my cousin who was an avid sewist some years before.
The dark brown was silk like material which had shine and softness and the bright orange print material is from a saree.

2015-05-03 18.19.50
( Above pic was taken before the yo-yo was added. See I said right, many timeouts in between 😀 )

I mix and matched them to make a frock with dark top and floral flounce.
Just to add little color to the plain top, again a some frills on the neck line and a yo-yo flower on the middle. I did not add a button on purpose as my daughter has the habit of meddling with the button and somehow remove it.

Happy with my Upcycling.
How was your long weekend? Did you go anywhere or get crafty ?



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