Hello All,

Are you thinking What a Strange title?
Yes there is story behind. Pls hang on.

I read this word first in a technical document in my first year of work. I did not understand much and just deciphered it something like continuous and remains continuous.

Recently when I showed my sling bags , I received a comment saying “How did you do that in your limited hobby time?”
Yes, I do take care of family, cooking, full time job and yet try to do something or the other in spare time.
Infact when I post something here, it was as in-progress for months together.
These sling bags were made in various 15-20 mins sitting. And it took long time for me to finish them. When I say long, it was really long time. Say the first bag took me 2 weeks though it is simple zipper with 2 seams which people finish in less than an hour. And when I made many such bags, it took long long time ( I can go on putting many longs here 😀 ).When I did that, I learnt many things, like making the handles for all the bags in one go( yes it took me a week) and then attaching zips for bags, similar to the Assembly line in factories.

So now coming to the point, that my hobby activity is just similar to the title.
continuum -a range or series of things that are slightly different from each other and that exist between two different possibilities

Every day I add a bit of work so that the project moves slowly towards completion. The start and the finish are just the extremes and my everyday work is just a stone moved or stitch made and it goes on.
I’m putting this in my post, not for boasting or showing off that I manage hobby and work. No I’m posting it to encourage people to take a hobby and enjoy doing it.Don’t get bewildered or anxious looking at the end product. One thing at a time id definitely doable by all and when you do it, your FO will be just the same as the one inspired you. Finishing is definitely important but it is just a milestone, what counts more are the innumerable moments you spent on it.How you learn, how you understand the way things work.. sometimes silly and sometimes intelligent.
Making is fun.



3 thoughts on “Continuum

  1. I know how it is while working. When I was working full time, sometimes, it took 3-6 months to complete a frock for my daughter. But then I did one at a time and I was more happy with a single project only ….now I am loaded with WIPs.

  2. I enjoyed your interesting blog on Continuum. It sounds a practical way to make a series of items and have completed together. Thank you for posting this.

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