All is well :-)

Hi All,

Wondering what is this title?
Well, yes All is well. I stitched a kurta for me by myself. YES!!

Now you all might think what big deal, people send rocket to moon and there are tailors every nook and corner( I wonder there should be a good way to translate dialogues and Tamil pazhamozhi’s “Thaduki vizhunda tailor kadai” is my intended phrase.)

But as we all know, doing something by ourselves even if is not so perfect makes us feel good and that good feeling is what I wish to share.
Long back, not so long ago I did kantha embroidery on a Mangalagiri cotton material and last weekend, I stitched it into a kurta.

2014-11-22 10.25.10

My fiasco, I cut the embroidery neck design Goshhh!!!!!
But bravely I stitched the kurta and later repaired the damage.
2014-11-22 10.25.18

2014-11-22 10.26.25
So here is my prototype kurta and now expect more to follow



3 thoughts on “All is well :-)

  1. Unlike me you didn’t panic when the embroidered part is accidentally cut,bravo Sangheetha! ”Thadukki vizhundha tailor Kadai ana yaarum seria thaikka mataengaranga” used to be my mantra before my sewing days😉 but now I can’t complain ☺️

  2. 🙂 Yeah. It was little scary, but I had decided I’ll fix it somehow and does not let anyone to stare at my neck 😀 ha ha..
    Yeah, my stitching is not perfect yet. Today also, I’m wearing a kurta I stitched but not very perfect. yet, it is comfortable. You are a perfectionist 🙂 and so there will be nothing to complain.
    Wish I have patience and skill to do like you.

    Recently I have got my rotary cutter, mat and ruler. Now wanting to make some small patchwork thing.
    Lets see..

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