Crochet Silk Yoke

Hello All,

Again here is an FO 🙂
Generally I forget to take in-progress pictures and even if I take it, I forget to blog about it. 🙂
So something happened and this WIP never saw the blogland.

And here it is an FO neatly stitched( by tailor) and ready to be worn.

2014-11-22 10.32.07

The motifs are made in this pattern and I tried few joining techniques. Later I gave 3-4 borders in round and then shaped it as per my prestitched kurta.

2014-11-22 10.32.13

This is the backside.

2014-11-22 10.35.11

Are you wondering why 2 pieces and not much contrast too..
Well when I bought the material, the crochet yoke was bright over the brown material than the pink silk cotton. So I decided to have the brown as the background for yoke and use the pink for the bottom flair.

So All in all, I’m satisfied with the project and should convey many thanks to my friend.It was her idea to use crochet yoke for kurta and also she got it stitched from her tailor. Thanks a ton dear.

The yarn is Maharaja Silk yarn from Silk Indian. The Yarn I bought almost 2 years back and finally I have used half of it. Any suggestions for other half?
It is not enough for a shrug or for a shawl.



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