Crocodile Stitch Flower Cushion

Hi All,

Welcome back from the Diwali celebrations and the crafty endeavors.
Hope it was all success.
Post Diwali, I started series of crochet projects and they are all cushions this time.
The First one to get completed is the Crocodile stitch flower Cushion from here

2014-11-23 14.47.05

I followed the written pattern and referred to the photo tutorial for the petal rounds. It is very easy for it looks difficult.
When you make always count and watch where you are slip stitching (petal tips). Otherwise it is just as easy as any other blocks.

Instead of stitching the crochet square to a ready-made cushion, I stitched a cushion cover with matching dimensions ๐Ÿ™‚
I used a plain white cloth for cushion and lined it with Yellow printed and self design cotton material. Remember I used the same to line my prototype sling bag.

Once the cushion cover was made,the crochet block was stitched on it. Just like this.. Simple

The Cushion Front and Back.

2014-11-23 12.05.34

The Crochet back and the stitched cushion front

2014-11-23 12.05.49

And the finished cushion

2014-11-23 14.46.52

2014-11-23 14.44.26

Thanks for all the kind and wonderful comments.
It is truly encouraging to know somebody really likes my stuff.



4 thoughts on “Crocodile Stitch Flower Cushion

  1. Wow!! Your cushion is so bright and beautiful!!:) love the colors ๐Ÿ™‚ I love this stitch I had earlier made a crochet purse for my daughter but it’s a bit time consuming one.
    I also attached my crochet cushions the same way, I did not do my edges properly though. If you don’t mind I have a suggestion, try running stitch instead of hemming type to attach the cushion. Use the exact shade as the last line of your crochet and do the running stitch from the front only, the stitches get hidden between the double/single crochets .

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