Festive Wall Hanging

Hello All,

Quick Post to wish you all a Happy Navarathiri.

I made this wall hanging is the smallest possible time.Not that I was very busy. It took very less time.

2014-09-27 14.44.01

Inspiration came from

Long back I have seen this video and it was in my most fav list( do you have levels of favorite list and levels of To do list.. I have fav, must do fav, always fav, to do list, to do immedietely, to do whenever time allows,to do if you need) and well as we all know, it is only in list. In reality, lets not talk about it.. We know each others secrets 😀

During my last visit to Raja Market, I picked up these boards with the similar project in mind.
And within few days, I made this.
Mine is nowhere close to the original and primarily not neat, but I learnt few tricks when I made and ready to use next time.
(One being, not to keep so many dots everywhere)

2014-09-27 14.44.10

I did not notice that the Mirrors has reflected so many details of our balcony. Otherwise I would have taken in more open space. Anyways better work next time..


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