Embroidered Sling Bags

Hi All,

I wanted to write Sling Bags Galore.. but it is only me who comes up with 1 project in 2 months and post once in a while. So just making 5 sling bags might not make it “Galore” to my crafty readers, so to protect my modesty, it is just Embroidered Sling Bags

2013-11-26 15.29.20

So, as I had mentioned in my previous posts and here , this idea was germinating in my mind for more than 2 months and now 5 bags have seen the sunlight. There are few more( 8 to be precise) which are in progress.

So here they are with the hand embroidered motifs/designs.
I loved doing the embroidery. Sewing and making the lining and all were actually difficult for me. Nevertheless I learnt some tricks and tried to make them quick.

Please give your feedback on these bags.

2013-11-26 15.25.13

2013-11-26 15.25.01

2013-11-26 15.22.58

2013-11-26 15.23.06

2013-11-26 15.24.20

2013-11-26 15.24.27

2013-11-26 15.25.43

2013-11-26 15.26.06

2013-11-26 15.26.43

2013-11-26 15.26.50

I have attached the white stones in all bags. In some of the bags it is not seen because well.. I added them after I photographed 😀
So when the time comes, I’ll photograph them again. Else my dear readers, please turn on your imagination and put the white kundan stones wherever there is a pointed edge or a curve. In real, I have tried it on the sides of the mirror also.
So please stay tuned for more pics with stones (ofcourse)



AllKraftz- Online Store for Craft lovers

Hi All,

Recently AllKraftz online store is launched. You can see a variety of crochet hooks, needles and yarns which are otherwise available only in other countries.
AllKraftz is based out of India and brings all the quality supplies at reasonable price for Indian Crafters.

The good news is they host a giveaway every week in their facebook page.

And I won Rejoice Pom Pom Maker. It is very good and easy to use.
Do participate in their giveaways and get lucky.
Also check out their various products.

And about the pom pom maker, I tried them out immedietely and it took less than 10 mins to make these 2 pom poms and believe this is the first time I used a pom pom maker and it is super easy.

ETA pic 🙂 I have made more.. this was taken on the first day.
2013-11-17 20.21.16

Just in case you are not able to follow the instructions, look at this youtube video.