Embroidery -New Ideas

Hi All,

Yes, yes, I was busy doing embroidery and so did not post :-D.
Well, as I was telling in my last post, I’m going to do more of such sling bags, I did few more embroidery pieces. I’ll post them all in my next post.
This one is reserved for the Special one which I tried.
When I was thinking about Embroidery Sling bags, I wanted to embroider the traditional Sikku Kolams in the bags. This way, it will be ethnic and as well as bring the beauty of the kolams of south india.

Then I wanted to try bit of different embroideries like complex motifs in kutch work, pachis embroidery or Kasuti Embroidery. So when I was searching for designs, I came across the Gopur design of Preethi

So I took printout of a graph sheet and drew the design. After tracing, I tried out the same directions in the beginning, later I did the way it was comfortable. The design looks big and complex, but it is easy to do. I did it over the weekend.

2014-08-05 17.16.13

Also if you have doubts , you can refer to the diagrams which Preethi has put about the directions, starting point etc.

Gopur Design Foundation: http://pgarya.blogspot.in/2013/10/gopur-kutch-part-1.html

Gopur Design Interlacing(Filling) http://pgarya.blogspot.in/2013/10/gopur-kutch-part-2-filling.html

Btw, I did the foundation with the herringbone stitch and not cretan stitch. Cretan stitch is easy and actually gives nice pointed tips, but since it is big design, I lost track of the ups and downs in cretan stitch, so I left it out and did with herringbone itself. But if you have some time, pls give a try with cretan stitch, it is easy though it is new to me, I found it easy to start.

The design is a perfect one for ethnic embroidery sling bag. I loved it and now going to try the ratha design.



7 thoughts on “Embroidery -New Ideas

  1. The pattern looks so like lace. It is beautiful. I would like to try the pattern sometime soon.
    Thank you for leaving the links.

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