There is no right or wrong when it comes to making Art

Hi All,

Yesterday I was watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse with my daughter and this song caught my fancy.

“There is no right or wrong
when it comes to making art.
Making sure that you have fun
is the most important part.”

“Splash a little paint,
draw a little line.
Just make sure that you have fun
each and every time.”

Lovely isn’t it. 🙂

Loved Goofy and his crafting trials.

Cya Real Soon.


Embroidery -New Ideas

Hi All,

Yes, yes, I was busy doing embroidery and so did not post :-D.
Well, as I was telling in my last post, I’m going to do more of such sling bags, I did few more embroidery pieces. I’ll post them all in my next post.
This one is reserved for the Special one which I tried.
When I was thinking about Embroidery Sling bags, I wanted to embroider the traditional Sikku Kolams in the bags. This way, it will be ethnic and as well as bring the beauty of the kolams of south india.

Then I wanted to try bit of different embroideries like complex motifs in kutch work, pachis embroidery or Kasuti Embroidery. So when I was searching for designs, I came across the Gopur design of Preethi

So I took printout of a graph sheet and drew the design. After tracing, I tried out the same directions in the beginning, later I did the way it was comfortable. The design looks big and complex, but it is easy to do. I did it over the weekend.

2014-08-05 17.16.13

Also if you have doubts , you can refer to the diagrams which Preethi has put about the directions, starting point etc.

Gopur Design Foundation: http://pgarya.blogspot.in/2013/10/gopur-kutch-part-1.html

Gopur Design Interlacing(Filling) http://pgarya.blogspot.in/2013/10/gopur-kutch-part-2-filling.html

Btw, I did the foundation with the herringbone stitch and not cretan stitch. Cretan stitch is easy and actually gives nice pointed tips, but since it is big design, I lost track of the ups and downs in cretan stitch, so I left it out and did with herringbone itself. But if you have some time, pls give a try with cretan stitch, it is easy though it is new to me, I found it easy to start.

The design is a perfect one for ethnic embroidery sling bag. I loved it and now going to try the ratha design.