Kantha Embroidery Kurta

Hi All,

This is a quick finish for me. Yes I finished the Kantha Embroidery Kurta about which I wrote here.
Well, I finished 2 days before šŸ™‚ yes yes, the embroidery part. The stitching is still pending. Anyway I’m going to give it to Tailor so no worries there.

2014-07-05 19.26.04

The Pics are not clear but I realised only after uploading.
Let me try to take some better pics.
2014-07-05 19.26.41

2014-07-05 19.26.50

I have a small motif done on the backside also and missed taking its picture!!.. here is the back motif
2014-07-10 21.02.40

Special thanks to Anita for inspiring me with Kantha Embroidery.
Also the border on the neckline is based on the Fancy Laced Running stitch tutorial.

Closeups soon..



6 thoughts on “Kantha Embroidery Kurta

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  2. Umm, you must be feeling happy to wear your work. Nicely done embroidery and good color combination. I also wanted to do but do not know where to start. I mean where I should start the neck design on a 2.5 Mt cloth.

  3. Open the fabric and fold it widthwise ( same length and half wide) and again fold.
    From the folded edge( even out all ruffles in the cloth and match sides) and then place a kurta on top and start tracing the outline. Then you can raise neckline by 0.5″ and give seam allowance 0.5″ on the sides and botton. Mine is basic and crude method.
    Pls try this with paper first šŸ™‚ and see the cut fabric,
    Try patterns from here and more from the web.

    you can also view videos of fashionforyou channel.

    Take the plunge without hesitation.All the best.

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