My Painting skills are zero

Hi All,

Now I have made my statement in the Post title, I can bravely show anything here.

When I went to Chennai last time, I bought 2 plain bedspreads.I wanted to paint Chotta Bheem characters in one and keep one for embroidery.
Well, the idea was simple and doable. Little did I know about my painting skills then..

I took printouts of Chotta Bheem characters( you will be surprised at the amount of hits I got when I searched Yay!! for Chotta Bheem)
Traced them and on one fine evening, started to paint..

Alas, the paint spreads on the cloth. I did not add water but I dipped brush in water. I didn’t know what to do and so dried it out and kept it inside.

A bedspread takes quite a space in the wardrobe-craft shared shelf. So I saw everyday and decided to get going.
So I went on, one by one painting all the characters. It was quite messy..

I had black paint, but did not know how to use for border. So started using it as it is…

2014-05-02 15.50.15
****************** Before Border****************************************

Later when I went to buy a gift for a birthday girl, I spotted this Permanent Marker in Black ink. The shopkeeper promised on his head that the color wont run and so I bought to give the border for my characters.

After adding the border and face strokes( like nose and mouth 😀 ), it looks ok now.

2014-05-13 19.58.54

2014-05-13 20.00.02

The bedspread is a hit with my daughter who loves chotta bheem and has now moved on to Mickey Mouse..

Should I use the other bedspread to paint Mickey Characters??

Only time will tell..

Thanks for reading ,


11 thoughts on “My Painting skills are zero

  1. Wow!!!! It looks really beautiful. You are quite humble when you say that your skills are zero as your paintings look like that of a pro 🙂 Looking forward to see more fabric art 🙂

  2. The characters are looking cute!! 🙂 most important is to get the right expressions on the faces if you mean it for kids and you got those perfect!!
    If you are using fabric paints then always use the fresh ones which will not require to dilute further and if it does, then a medium (white colored liquid) is required. The colors will run if you use water. I hope you have prewashed the fabric. If not, then do so for next painting. A washed fabric will absorb colors properly and the paint layers won’t come out after multiple washings. I used to paint on fabric few years back. The last I did was 11 years back for my daughter 🙂

    • Thanks Preeti. I did not use medium as I did not know about it. It was actually very difficult to paint using only the acrylic colors. I bought new ones as this is my first painting. After painting few characters, that pre-washing bulb glowed and I did immerse the bedspread overnight and painted the rest. But by then I was sure that I was doing something wrong, so did not concentrate much.
      I was contemplating a lot before painting these characters and was seeing the chotta Bheem cartoon along with my daughter !! to know whether they are easy or not.After all the analysis!! I saw they are all only solid colors with black strokes, not much of shading or shadows in the characters. So went ahead with the painting. Painting them was tough but the real fun was I was very scared of my daughter. She was always around and I was too worried that she will demand to paint HER bedspread by herself. :-). No she was a good girl and held the color bottles for me to paint and went and cleaned the brush whenever we changed color.

  3. Wow, those don’t look bad at all! In fact, they look quite lovely to me, not that I am a painter of any sort. I love the little figures even more after the black border was added.

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