SAL Update -Triangles and Dots

Hi All,

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My Painting skills are zero

Hi All,

Now I have made my statement in the Post title, I can bravely show anything here.

When I went to Chennai last time, I bought 2 plain bedspreads.I wanted to paint Chotta Bheem characters in one and keep one for embroidery.
Well, the idea was simple and doable. Little did I know about my painting skills then..

I took printouts of Chotta Bheem characters( you will be surprised at the amount of hits I got when I searched Yay!! for Chotta Bheem)
Traced them and on one fine evening, started to paint..

Alas, the paint spreads on the cloth. I did not add water but I dipped brush in water. I didn’t know what to do and so dried it out and kept it inside.

A bedspread takes quite a space in the wardrobe-craft shared shelf. So I saw everyday and decided to get going.
So I went on, one by one painting all the characters. It was quite messy..

I had black paint, but did not know how to use for border. So started using it as it is…

2014-05-02 15.50.15
****************** Before Border****************************************

Later when I went to buy a gift for a birthday girl, I spotted this Permanent Marker in Black ink. The shopkeeper promised on his head that the color wont run and so I bought to give the border for my characters.

After adding the border and face strokes( like nose and mouth 😀 ), it looks ok now.

2014-05-13 19.58.54

2014-05-13 20.00.02

The bedspread is a hit with my daughter who loves chotta bheem and has now moved on to Mickey Mouse..

Should I use the other bedspread to paint Mickey Characters??

Only time will tell..

Thanks for reading ,