WIP Update

Hello All,

I know I’m lagging in the Kantha SAL but I will try to show some progress on coming monday.
Yesterday was voting day in Bangalore and we all got a Holiday 🙂

Well, I did vote, I went as early as 8:00 am and finished my duty.(Oh, forgive the half vanished Nail polish)

2014-04-18 09.10.15
And the rest of the day, yes after the household chores ,I crocheted the below piece.

2014-04-18 09.11.04

This is going to be a sling bag with long handles( the cross body bag types).
2014-04-18 09.11.56

Initially I was making these motifs to make the Inga Bag.
2014-04-13 20.41.33

But my mom wanted a small bag and so I’m making this one. If I have enough yarn after making the long handles, I’ll continue my Inga bag in same color, if else, I’m thinking of making it in light blue-dark blue-light green-dark green combination.

The Pattern is Sao Paolo Bag designed by Cari Clement

Thanks All,
See you soon with Kantha SAL Update.


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