SAL Update

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SAL Update
2014-03-23 11.20.05

My previous posts on the Kantha Embroidery SAL

Kantha SAL Update
Kantha Embroidery SAL

Things I’m liking about this.
1.Stitches are simple, there is no looping or pulling the needle. No complicated bullions.
2.Neatness is the key, though mine is not neat, but I’m slowly coming to the conclusion Kantha is about evenness in the stitching.
3.The steady pace of the SAL. I’m not rushing to the next step. Taking this slowly is giving me lot of peace. If I had rushed to do the entire piece in 1-2 days timeframe, I’ll not be liking it as much as I’m liking it now.
Infact, I have taken a similar step in my other projects. Progress must be there, but I need not race against my duties/work to complete the work. Instead be patient and do it neatly. I would be more happy doing 1 neat project in a month than completing not so good 5 projects in the same time.

Cheers, see you real soon.



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