Upcycled !!

Hello All,

In the blog world, there is always a some fever..Christmas-New-year then Valentine’s day, then Spring/Summer/Winter crochet and so on.
So when there was Japanese flower fever, I made my own japanese flowers and made them to a garland.Blogged here

Japanese Flower Garland

Japanese Flower Garland

Naturally, the fever subsided and I removed the wall hanging after a while. It remained for years deep in the shelf and then I decided to do something.

I upcycled!!.Here is the upcycled version..


I took sets of 2 flowers, stiched their petals together with little bit of stuffing. To add more color, I bought some wooden buttons painted them red and glued it to the centre of the flowers.


I knotted them on a hanger. Initially I tried to crochet on the hanger with red yarn. It looked awful. Then decided to wind with red ribbon, but when I went to the shop, I found shiny red cellotape.
So I wound the hanger with red cellotape to give some look to it.

And here is the row of flowers in hanger.




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