Crochet Wall Organizer

Hi All,

One of my new year resolutions is to Craft Less!! Surprised, I actually I wanted to craft in less tension and do not want to feel guilty over the WIPs and the yarn which I bought and not using them.
Did I tell, I dont have a separate shelf or cupboard to stuff the stash. So I keep them in wardrobe. So whenever I open the cupboard I feel like I’m wasting so much stuff and time in arranging and rearranging things.

So to feel good, I have packed the not-really-being-used-regularly craft items to attic.
And the other odd balls, I’m trying to make useful and quick to make items.
So that’s how the Crochet Wall Organizer idea came into being.

2013-11-28 04.26.35

My cousin was once an avid crafter and she appreciates handwork and wanted a wall organizer. I made her one in cloth and she liked it very much. She said they are very useful and can be used for various purposes in different rooms. So I decided, I will make one more for her.

I followed no pattern, 4 big granny squares, added some contrast rows and sewed them. Then for the loop, I made crochet strips and attached it with button. The Button are shirt button size, so no button holes are required. It can be fixed on any dc row, so it can be attached to any size cloth hanger.

2013-11-28 04.34.39
When I made, I intended to fix it in a hanger and cover the hanger too. Then decided that I’ll keep the loop open with button so that it can be attached on window bars also and keep room for flexible options.

I took some in-progress pictures but alas somehow they are deleted.

So, Bye for now.


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