Colorful Circles

Hi All,

2013-11-10 06.28.00

What are these? 🙂 Any guesses??
Well, they are mini photo frames.

2013-11-10 06.29.47

Easy to hang or stick with double sided cellotape. They are light weight and give a lovely border to photos.
I saw these photo frames while googling and made them using the pattern.
I made enough chains to cover the bangle and in the second row, I did few increases so that it doesn’t cup.
Also I skipped the last row as I felt it is already big enough.

Oh Yeah, I made them with laura knitting cotton with size 4mm hook.Applied little starch and Ironed them.

2013-11-10 05.33.11

Hope the new year started very well.

2013-11-10 06.28.52

Meet you all again with another FO soon.



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