Helmet Hat

Hello All,

So There was a Hat which I made long back and did not blog about it. Some of the crochet projects are for blogging (all the decorative ones) and some of them are for practical use which fail to show face in blog.And this falls into the second category.

This one was made inspired from Lucy’s Hat. I started like how she mentioned, but obviously I did for a child and my yarn is variegated so nowhere you can spot a similarity.
Oh yes, I did add a flower, but with the same yarn, so it almost Invisible.

2012-11-22 20.19.58

Then I made another one.

2013-07-30 07.16.18

This is a latest one which I made when the first one was misplaced (deep inside the shelf)and could not be traced 🙂 Often heard story??
Well, The Pattern is Reversible Strands Hat
I recommend this pattern for anyone who wants a hat little denser. The first one I made was very gauzy(with lot of holes) and this one gave much better protection against the coldness.More Practical.

2013-07-30 07.16.54

The fpdc gave good firmness and shape to the hat. There was 2 options either to make Straight cables or spiralling cables. Ideally I would have tried Spiralling cables, but on the first glance of pattern, I actually did not get it. So went with Straight cables. But you know I was requested by a relative for a hat, so I’m planning to try the spiralling cables in near future 🙂

2013-07-30 07.16.18

Here is the Ravelry Project link for both the hats.


Now both are in full use. I also have a wish to make a matching sweater for the Red and Green Hat. Lets see.



Colorful Circles

Hi All,

2013-11-10 06.28.00

What are these? 🙂 Any guesses??
Well, they are mini photo frames.

2013-11-10 06.29.47

Easy to hang or stick with double sided cellotape. They are light weight and give a lovely border to photos.
I saw these photo frames while googling and made them using the pattern.
I made enough chains to cover the bangle and in the second row, I did few increases so that it doesn’t cup.
Also I skipped the last row as I felt it is already big enough.

Oh Yeah, I made them with laura knitting cotton with size 4mm hook.Applied little starch and Ironed them.

2013-11-10 05.33.11

Hope the new year started very well.

2013-11-10 06.28.52

Meet you all again with another FO soon.



Happy New Year

Happy New Year

2013-10-02 08.07.10

I made this happy face few weeks back following this pattern Smiley Happy Face Free Crochet Pattern

My Happy face is little bigger than what I expected. I have a happy face ball and expected the amigurumi to be of that size but what I got was more bigger than palm size.
My finishing is very bad, but I did attempt to make it neat, but I could not. Anyways I have got a Big Happy Looking face. Happiness enlarged 🙂

Happy Face

Happy Face

Wishing you all a very happy new year.