Decorative Bangle Candle Holder

Hi All,

2013-09-17 06.37.38

Bright and Colorful and Glittery right? I got the idea from Glass Bangle Candle Holder. from the FoodBetterBeGood blog. It is a nice blog with variety of recipes. Quick to make with tips & techniques.

2013-09-16 21.16.14

So I made these candle holders or candle shades in less in 20 mins time, and even in that, Time was spent in mix and matching the bangles. I don’t have much of Glass Bangles and so I did it with metal ones. The problem is metal ones has very thin rim which makes applying fevicol and placing the bangles little difficult. But it is still possible and I made 6 of them. They are easy to make in case of glass and gives a nice decor.

2013-09-17 06.37.03

Diwali is the festival of lights, but in our place. Diwali is the festival of crackers and karthigai is the festival of lighting lamps. So I’m well ahead of it (i.e few weeks 🙂 ) and if I get to locate more bangles, there is going to be more glittery candle holders for this karthigai.