Flowery Lace

Hello All,

Flowery Lace- Yeah It sounds nice to pronounce and hear it.
Well I made the doily which I mentioned in my last post and this is the name I could think for it.

2013-09-29 21.24.04

It is a pineapple pattern and since I was working from stash, I ran out of threads twice.
Actually I did foresee that.

2013-09-29 21.22.56

The pattern is here, I skipped the last 2 rows as I was doubtful whether I’ll have enough of the dark green thread.
The inspiration came from here and here.
But I should have changed threads in the beginning of the round, instead when I ran out thread I left the old one and started with new color, the change was very subtle from light green to dark green while crocheting. But after blocking 🙂 it is more prominent.
Blocking a doily not only evens the tension and opens up the lace, it also shows up the mistakes that I did.

2013-09-29 21.23.48

The recipient is happy and does not mind these things, instead she said, the dark border is impressive.
Loving it 🙂
See you all with another FO soon.



3 thoughts on “Flowery Lace

  1. Hey,.. thats a really neat doily.. not sure if it would have looked better if you have changed colors in the centre .. but this one looks good too.. the transformation from light green to darrk green is nice..

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