Tiered Frock? – Tired Frock

Hi All,

Do not worry, it is an FO today and it is a Tiered frock.

I have attempted few frocks for my daughter before, though not perfect as a store bought one, it was well appreciated!! and worn more than a few times 🙂

2013-02-24 11.52.24

So I bought this polka dot print cloth early this year. I made this crochet collar few months back and now finally managed to sew it into a dress.
I bought the fabric from RC Puram trip, I think it was Rs 100/m and I bought only one meter. The cloth is fine cotton and did not shrink much( tested already :-)).

So I combed the various free patterns frocks/ skirt for little girl and got so much inspiration from everywhere so for a while I was confused on which pattern to follow.

I did not follow one single pattern though I would be much better with that, these are the sewing tutorials I went thru and they are very helpful.



Though I google and google again for free patterns, read them back n forth ( should it be from top to bottom?) several times, I always sew as I understand from the patterns.
Ok, to tell the truth, I see the patterns , understand the basic structure and then try to sew them on weekends. Not sewing by looking at the pattern for every step. So naturally I miss all the details of neat finishing.
Not that it matters in my FOs. Still I would like to do better next time.
Till then, Here is the tiered frock.

2013-09-27 19.07.29

Back side with Zip and then hook too.

2013-09-27 19.07.43

Crochet Neck Lace pattern is from here.

By the way, why tired? I sewed the top first with lining. Then I tried to visualize what to do with the bottom and it took my quite a while to bring it to closure, it was definitely not a one day job for me. To be Honest, it took me more than a month, with few weeks of shelving in between.
But All iz well as of now, (that means till I actually venture to make another frock)



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