Yellow Green

Hello All,

Yellow Green is a nick name for Gems in my sister’s family.
Are you smiling or surprised.
Even we have got nicknames for places/things in our family. Like there is Supermarket called Day2day and we call it “Hogsmeade”. Remembering Something?

My Daughter calls different things with nicknames and sometimes relating it with some thing.
Like @ Airtel Symbol is always referred as “SuperSinger” 😀 with a glee.

And Yippee is not just Yippe it is Long Non Sticky Tastyyyy Yippee.

There are many.. but nothing comes to my mind right now.

Ok, lets move on and make the point. So I made a doily in Yellow Green.

2013-07-12 09.09.47

Well, This doily was made as a challenge doily in Ravely. The Original pattern link is here and I made this from chart. Initially I thought I’ll make the full doily but I ran out of thread and in the rate, I was running out of thread, I realized I will not be able to make the full doily.

Second, anything I start for any other reason, other than a huge inspiration or creative urge, ends up mid way and I find reasons for convincing others. 🙂

2013-09-18 15.46.39

Third, It is actually beautiful and the colors are more darker in real. Yellow is more bright yellow and the green is dark bottle green. I’m gifting this to my friend’s mom and she has already started to love this 😀

Nevertheless, I’m happy that I used up the Green and Yellow threads.
Since I have decided to use up the lavender and Green too, pls look forward for another doily in this blog.

See you all soon.



Tiered Frock? – Tired Frock

Hi All,

Do not worry, it is an FO today and it is a Tiered frock.

I have attempted few frocks for my daughter before, though not perfect as a store bought one, it was well appreciated!! and worn more than a few times 🙂

2013-02-24 11.52.24

So I bought this polka dot print cloth early this year. I made this crochet collar few months back and now finally managed to sew it into a dress.
I bought the fabric from RC Puram trip, I think it was Rs 100/m and I bought only one meter. The cloth is fine cotton and did not shrink much( tested already :-)).

So I combed the various free patterns frocks/ skirt for little girl and got so much inspiration from everywhere so for a while I was confused on which pattern to follow.

I did not follow one single pattern though I would be much better with that, these are the sewing tutorials I went thru and they are very helpful.



Though I google and google again for free patterns, read them back n forth ( should it be from top to bottom?) several times, I always sew as I understand from the patterns.
Ok, to tell the truth, I see the patterns , understand the basic structure and then try to sew them on weekends. Not sewing by looking at the pattern for every step. So naturally I miss all the details of neat finishing.
Not that it matters in my FOs. Still I would like to do better next time.
Till then, Here is the tiered frock.

2013-09-27 19.07.29

Back side with Zip and then hook too.

2013-09-27 19.07.43

Crochet Neck Lace pattern is from here.

By the way, why tired? I sewed the top first with lining. Then I tried to visualize what to do with the bottom and it took my quite a while to bring it to closure, it was definitely not a one day job for me. To be Honest, it took me more than a month, with few weeks of shelving in between.
But All iz well as of now, (that means till I actually venture to make another frock)