All New Embroidery

Hi All,

I seem to be hobbying as per Ravelry wish 🙂
There is always an “Along” happening in the Crafty Dozen forum and I tend to do hobby along the “Alongs”.
So when they said about “Embroidery-Along”, initially I was only concerned about my WIPS and decided I’ll use this opportunity to finish my WIP.
And so I did.
Here is the pic of Before and After.

2013-08-03 21.37.17


2013-08-12 12.17.33

2013-08-12 12.18.23

The Full Set

2013-08-12 13.23.45

And with that enthusiasm, I picked up one more design from Mridula’s Gallery. It is a phulkari design and I have never tried Phulkari or satin stitch before. So I traced the design and started.

2013-08-13 15.21.53
The designs are geometrical and so they are quick to do. I finished the motifs and then started the mirrors.
Mirror stitch or the Shisha stitch is my altime favourite.
Wanna see, Here and Here and Here 😀
And here and here too
2013-02-16 16.28.34



Mirror Design Kurta

Mirror Design Kurta

Mirror Embroidery Pouch

Mirror Embroidery Pouch

Kutch Embroidery

Kutch Embroidery

So then proceeded with Mirror stitch and finally the small filling stitches. It took more time than the original elements. They were short, so everytime knotting and finishing.( Not that I’m very neat but still to make the stitch firm we need to do these diligently).It took more time than expected and I finished it finally.

2013-09-03 14.38.21
The colors I initially chose were White, Blue, Orange and Green. I misplaced the Orange and so I went ahead with Yellow. Even now I feel that Orange would have been better. But Now that I completed, there is no point in thinking about re-work.( Just for name sake, rework!!! I’ll never do. I’ll live with the max of my mistakes rather than reworking! )

2013-09-03 14.40.16
So thats the story about the revival of my Embroidery love.



Quilled Earrings

Hello All,

These days I’m crafting with only one thing in my mind. And that is

“Stash Busting”

So on a weekend, I used up all my experimental Quill sheets and came up with these.

2013-09-24 13.56.07

They are very easy and I got the inspiration from the various images of Quilled earrings in the Google.

2013-09-24 13.44.15

They are simple tear drop shapes and I also used up the earring hooks from my stash. Now if you ask me, what is not there in stash? Well, there are no quilling sheets as of now 🙂

2013-09-24 13.43.39

In a whim to finish all the sheets, I made few more petals and rounds in hurry. They did not come neat or beautiful, but they are mine. So will add their pics too in this place soon( This is an excuse for forgetting to take those pics 😦 )

So if anyone is there, thinking quilling is difficult, pls change your mind, it is one of the easiest craft I have ever attempted. And if there are no needs for quilling cards, make them as earrings, if they are not wanted, then make them into toys. The choice is endless. Pick up the tool and start rolling the paper.. it takes only 2 mins.



And here is the missing Pic 🙂

2013-09-25 18.36.35


Peacock Feathers

Hi All,

2013-03-28 05.50.46

This project was done on a whim and it was completed before I could think about it.
This is not a new dress, almost a year back, I bought this one. It is Chanderi Silk & has a very grand stole. But the top silk fabric was as much as plain.
2013-03-28 05.54.16
I wanted to do something to just highlight the prints, but was not knowing how to do.

Then I stumbled upon Creative Thoughts blog.Actually I was a regular reader of this blog and it has wonderful embroidery projects. Pls have a look at this peacock feather embroidery.
No No, I dint plan to do that. See this one,

Since my dress also had similar prints, so I did the same.

2013-03-28 05.51.19
The Plain look is gone and it actually shows the prints.
I’m happy that I got to pick up my embroidery again. Alas, it was for such a short time. Before I could realise, it got finished. I’m not complaining though 🙂