Hi All,

This is a crafty Challenge- challenged to learn myself a craft.
One of my friend wore a nice good looking bracelet. Only a few seconds it took and I found that it is a Macrame bracelet.

Macrame, I tried almost a year back with not so success. I tried with a thick thread(Malai Dori) and it was not forgiving.
The bracelet I made was not good and no idea where it is now.

This is what I made at that time.


Now little more knowledge of threads & yarn, I managed to buy the thread which is commonly called Purse/Mobile thread and can be effectively used for Macrame.

Next is for the beads, I bought a set of beads from commercial street.They are glass & heavy, their heaviness gives a nice feel to the bracelet.

So I followed this tutorial but started of at one end and finished at the other. The finishing, I followed the tutorial and it really gives a neat look.
I twisted the thread while moving the beads and so it kinds of twists otherwise it is quite stable & does not turn on wearing.

2013-03-03 20.34.43

So glad I could do a Macrame wearable bracelet.

And after a while, I made a Macrame Chain also with the same beads.

2013-08-25 08.42.38

A somewhat better pic 🙂

2013-08-25 08.44.46



4 thoughts on “Macrame

    • Hi Preeti 🙂
      The white thread is purse thread. I think Macrame cords in Pradhan is Malai Dori and it is too thick and shiny. I could not make any Macrame stuff with that.
      You can try with your existing purse thread and small beads, they are super easy.

    • Hi Jan,
      I got mine in Shivaji Nagar and in Tippasandra. They are available in local fancy stores.. You can ask for Purse thread or Crochet thread and then add more specifications like thick, shiny etc.
      In Tippasandra, I bought it from Ramdev Fancy store, Tippasandra Main Road.


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