4KCBWDAY7 Looking Forward

4kcbwday7 Looking Forward

Knitting & Crochet Week

Knitting & Crochet Week

One year from now, when the 5th Knitting & Crochet Blog Week rolls around, where do you hope your crafting will have taken you to? What new skills, projects and experiences do you hope you might have conquered or tried?

Knit has fascinated me with its texture and the fineness(compared to crochet).And so I have started to knit recently.
And when you are bitten by a bug, whatever u saw inspires you to create. Yes, On the same day I saw my friend wearing a cabled pullover and I desired to knit it.
So A year from now,I’m looking forward to master the skill of knitting and complete the cable pullover.

It is something similar to this

This is a top down sweater of an adult male which is my husband and I wish to knit a similar one in yellow or orange or pink or purple for myself, when I finish the just cast on sweater for my daughter 🙂




2 thoughts on “4KCBWDAY7 Looking Forward

  1. Agree!! Knitting is better when it comes to wearables. I have so far made only 2 knitted for the two dependants (my husband and daughter) long back. Don’t need much in Hyderabad so there is no motivation to knit.
    Waiting to see your knitting projects. My husband takes out that sweater once a year to wear( only for a day, rather few hours )and sincerely obliges me 🙂

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