4KCBWDAY4 – Day 4 Colour Review

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So continuing my snail posting for the Knitting & Crochet Blog week, Here is the Day 4 topic

4KCBWDAY4 Colour Review :
What are your favourite colours for knitted or crocheted projects. Have a think about what colours you seem to favour when yarn shopping and crafting.

Only after writing this part of your post should you then actually look to see what colours you have used in your projects. Make a quick tally of what colours you have used in your projects over the past year and compare it to the colours you have written about. Compare this, in turn, to the colours that are most dominant in your yarn stash – do they correlate?

Now think back to your house animal – do the colours you have chosen relate to your animal in any way – if you are in the house of peacock, for example, are your projects often multicoloured and bright?

A year or 2 back, I was a novice in crochet, but not only in crochet, in choosing the colors for the projects too.
From the beginning, I have unaccountably fallen for all multicolored or variegated( as it is called) threads. And to add to your curiosity, I was doing Doilies most of the time.
So imagine my doilies in bright red-blue-green-orange threads and in shaded yellow with less or even very less or no pattern visible at all.


Alas, but I learnt, I slowly (read few more purchases of variegated yarns) moved to slightly shaded ones and then completely to solids.
So till today I could not resist any shaded yarn, they attract me like magnets.
But I resist, so you can see some of my projects in solid colors but again I use so many colors in a project that I recently got a feedback from my neighbour on my Circle of Love.

2013-04-10 03.11.33

Neighbour: It is very colorful!!.
Innocent I was, delighted by the praise thanked the person.
Me: Thank You, it was indeed colorful. I liked using them you know. I specifically bought all the colors to make something like rainbow, hmmm that is my next project.

But Now she gave a clear feedback,
N: It would have been better if you have used only 2 colors for all flowers & repeated them.

Oh.. I understand now.
But much difficult it was for me to move from variegated yarns, I don’t want to take this as a positive feedback & feel unhappy with my monochromatic projects.

So confidently shaking my head in all directions I recited…

Me: No No, these things must be colorful. Actually I made this to teach my daughter all the colors..And you know it worked.
She can say all the colors used in that project.

N: Oh ho.. Good it is.

So that is my basic knowledge in colors & Reviews..Oops Color Reviews 🙂

As a last note, I like all rainbow colors, all shaded & variegated yarns, my favorite color is Red. Next in the line is Blue & Yellow.
My favorite colorful projects from my project page in Ravelry.


And one more here 🙂
I went & looked at my projects in Ravelry. I see many variegated & many more colorful projects.
Happy to know that I’m aware of reality 🙂
My Projects in Ravelry….





And now, I’m lot more related to House of Bee in this case, Bees are certainly attracted by flowers & no need to say Flowers are colorful 🙂 Isn’t it?

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4KCBWDAY3- Day 3 InfoGraphics

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Knitting & Crochet Week

Knitting & Crochet Week

I don’t even want to think how late I’m in posting.
Now it is time to say “Better late than Never”

And for the content, I’m going to say “Something is better than Nothing”

So here goes my infographic..


yes yes I understand, there is nothing in it so it can no way be better than something..
Oh so much confusion with words..
I have just tried to make a pie chart with information only I know it is how many project I have done in each craft.

I’m going off…
Take Care,