4KCBWDAY2- Day 2: There is no Bee but there is Butterfly


Knitting & Crochet Week

Knitting & Crochet Week

The Second day in the Challenge is to say or show something about the House I chose yesterday.

Yesterday I chose House of Bees relating to my love for inspiring projects.
Today is almost like a continuation, it is more like a story over how a specific project got evolved.

Right from the time, I saw the French Bower Bird & the Christmas Wreath, My intention was to try something similar to that. And It went thru various cycles of thought process & trying to find patterns to make what was in my imagination and I finally I made it.

It is the Circle of Love

2013-04-10 03.11.33

It is one project where I have picked up each & every piece from different Patterns like a Bee collecting Honey from every flower.

Also the colors depicts flower & bee filled Garden. What I realize is there is no “Bee” as such in the Frame.

But nevertheless, there is a Butterfly.

And now to the details.

It is an embroidery hoop covered with crochet. I did a ch8
Then rows of sc on the ch8 turning each round.
I changed colors after 6 rows and not every alternate row( like Attic24 wreath patterns) only to avoid too many darning ins.

Tried to make mirror image of one side to another, but it did not come as expected. I think , the best way to do many colors is to go completely random.
Weaved in the threads,then dipped in water, no fevicol this time and then sewed.

Made the flowers and used some of the flowers made earlier.

Flowers are made like
Ch4 Ring u can make ch5/ch6 (to ur comfort level) as a button will anyways cover up the center hole 🙂
Ch3, 2dc ch3, ss into the ring. * 5 times for 5 petals.

ch4 Ring
Ch3, 2dc ch3, ss into the ring. * 5 times for 5 petals.

I tried many other versions of butterfly but with the laura knitting cotton thickness everything was coming bigger and was disproportionate with the flowers.
So this is what I tried.

Ch5 Ring
Ch4, 3 tr ch4 ss into ring.
Ch3,2 tr,ch3 ss into ring.
Ch3, 2 tr ch3 ss into ring.
Ch4, 3 tr ch4 ss into ring.

3 tr for the front 2 feathers and 2 tr for the hind part.
Slip Stitch in between the 2 front feathers and Ch4 for the antennae.
Weave in the ends.

Heart is from Lucy’s Teeny Tiny Hearts.
The outline is sc on each stitches with 2 sc on the broadest part of heart( 3rd st).
The picot is done on the previous row picot( sc,ch3,sc on same picot)

Bird is from this pattern. But the Orange bird is a trial version in opposite direction.
Also I changed the tail part. It is made like Ch2, ss into 1st ch and then sc into the same stitch.

Arranged all the buttons ,flowers, birds & butterfly and sewed them with sewing threads.
It was really tough and suggested to use thimble.

I’m happy with the project in many ways, primarily that it was appreciated by whoever saw it.
The finishing is much better than my previous projects and I have tried flowers & butterfly by myself. And before that, I tried quite a number of other patterns too.



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