An Adorable Project (After all)

Hi All,

If you have been visiting this blog for a while, there is one project (though there are many today we will concentrate on “The One”) which was almost close to failure.
Not getting, I don’t complain about you, I’m such a irregular blogger. It is this.

Kutch Embroidery Pallu

Kutch Embroidery Pallu

This Saree has quite a history. To give you a recap, Few years back, when I was over enthusiastic and less realistic, I bought a pure silk saree without zari border with the intent of doing Kutch work. After almost a month of postponement, I went to the other side of the city to get the design printed. Some miscommunication, the squares were printed for silk threads, whereas I had planned for Cone threads(Cone threads are thicker & easy to handle than 2 strands of silk threads).

Without much of heart break, but with some doubts seeping in, I started off. Initially I started on the inside of the border, practised a little bit. Then started the pallu. Oh it was hardwork. I almost gave up many many times but kept pushing myself. Now I realise I was punishing myself. But I did complete the Pallu or scarf part of the saree. Hurray.

And in due course, I finished the motifs on the body too. But when it came to the border, I gave up. It was too hard to do on the border.

Challenges were many. First, I could not fix the frame, the lower part of the saree was not getting fixed in the frame & was sagging in the middle. I have never done embroidery without frame. Even if it is straight stitches it was always with frame. Beads, I ran out of beads twice, not because of the quantity but because of the quality, 1 in 3 beads were faulty. Also with the frame, the beads at the ends were breaking. And I was crying.

I still tried and completed quite a length but as I said, I ran out of Beads. Also I realised that I’m not enjoying these, I was quite a beginner and doing saree level embroidery was a struggle. So I postponed it for my good health.
So it was ungraciously sitting under the bed for more than 2 years.

And when I came across Anita’s Blog, I saw her Kasuti Saree. I sadly remembered mine.
Then the conversation picked up and I got an idea to make it into a Wall Hanging.

And So I did it. Here it is neatly framed.

2013-03-22 23.25.52

The Framer 🙂 (Ok, the person who did the frame) really did a good job. It is not a glass frame, it has wooden support at the back and the front is covered with thick plastic sheet. It is safe & especially light weight. For this length, if we had gone for Glass framing, it would have weighed very heavy. Luckily, the framer( pls read the brackets again) suggested us these and it was pocket friendly too 🙂

2013-03-22 23.25.14

Ahem, Yes, It has not been hung and I promise you that it wont take 2 more years.



8 thoughts on “An Adorable Project (After all)

  1. I loved reading your adventure Sangheetha, nice idea to make a wall hanging, and embroidery with silk thread is still a nightmare for me

    • Thanks Anita. Actually it shows a little bit, the plastic sheet gets impressions becoz of the beads and handling. But it is ok. I cannot complain.
      So I decided not to see in that angle 🙂

    • Thanks Anita. Actually it shows a little bit, the plastic sheet gets impressions becoz of the beads and handling. But it is ok. I cannot complain. So I decided not to see it from that angle [image: :-)]

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