My first Award

Hello All,

Congratulations to my Blog for it received its First Award.
Pavi from Crochetkumari has kindly awarded the “Leibster Award”

From Embroidery Blog Pictures

Though I have seen this Award in other blogs, never looked up to find its meaning. It means “Dearest” & also relates to “Favorite”.
Now I have some followers & ppl who favorite my blog. Oh I’m glad, mighty glad.

So here goes the answers for the Questions asked by Pavi.

1.When did you start crocheting and from where/whom did you learn crochet from ?
I started crocheting during school days. I did not learn from the school though. One of my friend’s (who lived in the same street) relative had come to her place and she was making head hair bands with crochet. So my friend learnt it from her relative and a bunch of five or six girls learnt from her.
It was really fun making them, we learnt only sc, dc. No joining, ch3 for first stich, but we made lot of different items. One of the girls made long chains & sc. Oh god, we did many discoveries & inventions at that time.
Later it was stopped forever. We moved on to Gardening, Water coloring, cycling & so on.

Later I picked it up again in the year 2010 when I was diligently following Ninu’s blog.
I saw these crochet flowers and was dying to make it. Eventually I made them, though I never blogged them.I did not even take pics, It went to another learner of crochet as inspiration.

I would have stopped after a while if not for Ravelry. After entering into Ravelry, the love for Crochet, color, inspiration grew exponentially.

2.If given a lovely turquoise blue ball of yarn and given one hour what would you crochet?

My Current inspiration is Amigurumi, probably we all are in need of Turquoise elephant with pink trunks 🙂

3.What habit would you give up if asked to do so from today?
I don’t have much of Bad Habit except for internet addiction.So it will be very hard to give up.
Really donno, I don’t seem to give up any of my habit.

4. Whats your Work in Progress ?
Nordstorm Crochet Hobo Bag inspired from Crochetkari’s Golden Yellow Bag.

5. Which one do you prefer.. Thread crochet or Yarn?
I prefer yarn only for the ease of working. For the beauty, elegance, my vote is for Thread crochet.

6. One school friend you are still in touch with – ?
Few are there, my cannot say that I’m really in touch with them. I can reach them if there is a need.

I’m more glad because now I can pass on the same pleasure to 4 more people.

Chitra of Jizee6687’s Weblog on hand embroidery journey

Anuradha of Twin Hobbies

Uma of UmaCheenu’s Blog

Usha of Bead Creationz

And my set of Questions here 🙂

1. What drives you to be crafty?

2. If you have been doing crafts for quite a while, can you tell the difference in your work before internet & after internet

3.Do you wish to talk/explain about the craft you have made to strangers(to any ppl who don’t actually understand the craft?)

4.Do you participate in trekking & Outdoor sports. Pls elaborate a little bit on ur experience.

5. Other than craft, do you have another Hobby, Pls tell us about that.

Thanks Again to CrochetKumari for her kindness.
Have a good day All,



5 thoughts on “My first Award

  1. Ha Ha..:) Turquoise Elephant with Pink Trunks!!! Would love see it ! And even i started crocheting first with hair bands at school after that it was almost 11 yrs gap i started again..:)

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